The Fog of Sicily

October 12, 2009

Fog comes like a ghost to Ragusa Ibla some mornings in autumn. It shrouds the village in soft silence and mystery—or should I say more mystery, for there’s something inherently secretive and mystifying about Sicilian hill towns.

fog 1

fog 2

That otherworldly feeling evaporates well before mid-morning in Ibla, when the sun comes burning through. The ghost may settle much longer in the low places, though.

fog 3

My neighbors tell me that the fog is new, that it first rolled in when la diga, the dam, was built outside of town several years ago. The mist lifts off the water of Santa Rosalia Lake, a beautiful place on the Ragusa Ibla-Giarratana road (SS194). I recommend driving along this charming, curvy little road (but not when it’s foggy!) and stopping at the lake for its wonderful vistas. I hear the fishing is good too.

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