December 7, 2009

Sicilian director Giuseppe Tornatore’s new autobiographical epic, Baarìa, has been out here for a few months. I haven’t seen it yet but love the poster, which looks great in the context of Sicily.

Below are shots of Teatro Garibaldi in Piazza Armerina and a wall in Modica.



An American friend saw the film first in Bologna and then in Palermo. She said there was much more laughter in Palermo—the audience was apparently picking up on the director’s “in” jokes.

Baarìa, by the way, is dialect for Bagherìa—a town on the coast just east of Palermo where Tornatore grew up.

Here’s a short review of the film in the Guardian.

2 comments to Baarìa

  • Chris Ventura

    YES I saw this film as well in Queens NY at the Italian Charities. I love Tornatore..He really captures life and tells great stories of the struggle..~P.

  • We just spent a long weekend in Bagheria…kept wishing we had seen the film before the trip and now even more eager to watch it. We love all of Tornatore’s other films. Highly recommend a trip to Bagheria if you haven’t been yet.

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