Southeast Sicily: Sirens and Seraphim

January 15, 2010

Baroque Sicily is

Southeast Sicily, stone grotesque, gargoyle

stone the color of fresh-baked bread;

Southeast Sicily, stone grotesque with glasses, gargoyle

scary souls in spectacles;

Stone Siren, Southeast Sicily

Sirens and

Sculpture of Saint, Modica, Sicily


Sicilian Cemetery, Stone Angel

seraphim and

Stone shell, southeast Sicily, Ragusa Iblaseashells;

Baroque stone detail, southeast Sicily

spirals and squiggles and

Baroque stone scroll, southeast Sicilyscrolls and swirls.

Baroque architectural details, Scicli, Sicily, ItalyA symphony of  sandstone.

Ah, Sicily. See-chee-lya. Sikelia.


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10 comments to Southeast Sicily: Sirens and Seraphim

  • Great pics and a wonderful way to summarize baroque Sicily!

  • NUR

    just amazed Jann,but my favourite is “A symphony of sandstone”.Following your web is a great pleasure for me!

  • These images with their soft depth of field and focus on stone, off beat angle, and sometime quirky faces are wonderful. Keep on shooting, Jann! From your fellow traveler/photographer in Rome.

  • Ciao Jann-

    These photos are really terrific! You captured some real character here…what a treat!
    Christine Hickman

  • Amazing photos…such beautiful tone and light. I am also an American photographer living in Sicily,(Belpasso). I enjoyed my trip through your blog very much, and will subscribe. I have a blog called Sicilia through Images….take a look if you have time. Take care.
    Heather Jacks

    • Jann

      Heather mille grazie for looking around the site and for your comments! This is really a coincidence, but I was admiring your site & photos yesterday and tried to leave you a comment, but was tripped up by technology. I’m going to try again a bit later…jann

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