A Few of my Favorite (Sicilian) Things

March 24, 2010

1. The buttercup sprouting from stone

Flowers Grow on a Church in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

2.  The lovely laundry

Laundry Hanging in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

3. The layering of history

The Layered Walls of Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

4. The little truck

Yellow Truck in Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

5. The arched doorway

Arched Door in Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

6. The coppola

Men Wearing Sicilian Hats, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

7. The ice cream sandwich

Sicilian Ice Cream Sandwich, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

8. The stuffed scaccia

Sicilian Scaccia, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

9. The sacred olive

Sicilian Olives, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

10. And, (drum roll) … the Sicilian!

Sicilian Baker, Copyright Jann Huizenga 2010

What are your favorite Sicilian things?


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19 comments to A Few of my Favorite (Sicilian) Things

  • Paolo

    Happy to see that in the last photo the man was wearing a FIR t-shirt.
    FIR means “Federazione Italiana Rugby” and is the italian rugby federation (board).
    Usually italians are soccer-addicted 🙂

  • Chris Ventura


  • I just found your post via Sons of Italy in America on facebook. I am thrilled to find it and am looking forward to checking out your website.

  • Alè Zimpher

    Allora signora,

    The trucks are called “APE” in Italian.

    “APE” meaning “Bee” in english.

    In Sicilian Ape = Lapa.

    The city I live in, Naro, is very famous for it’s Baroque styled buildings.

    A dopo bedda,

    Viva Diu e San Calò!

    • Jann

      Grazie signore, for this explanation and little lesson in Sicilian. I’ve put Naro on my list of must-see towns! If it’s baroque, it’s for me.
      Ciao ciao

  • Alè Zimpher

    The Little Truck – “La Lapa” as they call it in Catania… Many memories of driving these through the streets of Catania….

  • I would add, pasta alla Norma, and the blood oranges,(they are simply the best oranges I have ever tasted). As a photograher, the olive groves, ruins, and the hilly landscapes, are also favorites.

  • Anthony J. Zangara

    Sono molto d’accordo con Josephine Lissandrello. Beata tu che puoi trascorrere tempo in Sicilia.

    • Jann

      Si si si! Anche io sono molto d’accordo con Josephine. And, as she says, especially that coffee granita with a mound of whipped cream.

  • Josephine Lissandrello

    One of my favorite things is the cacciocavallo cheese that tastes so good in scaccia, arancine or on pasta. I miss the capers that grow wild and are so delicious, the olives preserved in olive oil with fresh mint, the sun dried tomatoes, the cakes and cookies made with Sicilian almonds, the semifreddo, and most of all granita caffe con panna.

  • granita (with brioche), prickly pears, blood red oranges, artichokes, castles by the sea, citrus groves, living in the shadow of etna, vespas (your post has brought out the best in me today :))

  • The Ice Cream Brioche!!!!! I used to have them for breakfast everymorning when I was in Sicily, I would lower the basket with my due milalittie or 2 bucks approximately…and the cafe owner across the street ANGELO I would yell, can I have a brioche with Zuppa Englese! Hmmmm…yum! Then he would put it in the basket and I would bring it up to the 6th floor and mangia mangia

    • Jann

      That is a beautiful story! Pulling up your ice cream brioscia breakfast in a little basket. What town were you in?

  • I love this post. Some of my favorite Sicilian things are arancini, cannoli (but only in Sicily), granita … I’m seeing a theme here. 🙂

    • Jann

      I see you’re in Calabria, Cherrye (just “next door”). I love your site and will explore it more. Where is Catanzaro? Do you not have good cannoli in Calabria? Do you have granita?

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