Sicily is an Old Wall

March 17, 2010

Sicily is an old wall, pitted and crumby as stale cake.

Old Sicilian Wall, copyright Jann Huizenga

Burning with Pompeian colors.

Old Wall in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Glowing with graffiti.

Old Sicilian Wall, copyright Jann Huizenga

Wrinkled as an ancient face.

Old Sicilian Wall, copyright Jann Huizenga

Yellowed as old newsprint.

Old Wall in Siracusa, Sicily, copyight Jann Huizenga

Fresh-plastered walls don’t have half the charm.

UNESCO money has poured into Southeast Sicily’s eight World Heritage towns. Let’s hope restorers don’t get too zealous.


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13 comments to Sicily is an Old Wall

  • sandee wheeler

    Love the pictures, Jann! You could do a “Tour of Walls” in Sicily!

  • Kathleen Coelingh

    Jann, I can really relate to your love of old crumbly walls. To that
    very point, when our then newly-built poolhouse in the
    Napa Valley sprung a leak during massive winter rains producing cracks
    in the plaster walls and ceiling, I told the plasterers to only fix the
    rain damage, but to please leave all those precious cracks intact!
    Someday my walls will look as beautiful and weathered as the ones you
    show on your blog.

  • very nice post! I too am fascinated with old walls. While not claiming to be a photographer, I do tend to take odd shots when we travel of arches, columns and wall fragments…odd bits that speak to the artist in me. My husband laughed at me when I stopped to shoot the walls in Tangiers when we were in Morocco once. But, I loved the texture and the history that seemed to seep out of the old rock, plaster and paint.

  • Karen La Rosa

    In all its crumbling glory, it is achingly beautiful. Like the wisest old sage, it tells us much.

  • Cathy

    I am really enjoying your blog and pictures, you have an excellent eye. Would love to see more pictures of your house! A very ambitious project…

    • Jann

      Hi Cathy, thanks very much for reading and commenting. Yes, more pix of the house will be revealed as progress is made. It’s actually a modest & small row-style house built into a hill (so with 3 floors). I don’t know how a minor house turned into a major ordeal!

  • Rosa

    Sicily is magical!

  • Anthony J. Zangara

    Jann, what a charming photo essay. I love your appreciation of the Italian and Sicilian artifacts and find them even in a crumbly wall!! Viva l’Italia, Viva la Sicilia. Antonio

  • And espresso goes with stale cake!!!!

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