Sicily, and a Romance with Old Cobbles

May 20, 2010

Shoes wear out fast in Sicily, and so do feet.

Walking on Cobbles in Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga

I buy every Dr. Scholl’s pain relief product on the market. I slather callus goop onto the soles of my feet. I wrap them in moleskin. I’m gellin’.

Cobbles in Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga

But I gladly suffer the pain. Because nothing can beat the sheer romance of old cobbles.

Cobblestones in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga

When your heels hit these medieval stones, they sing! (The stones that is, not so much the heels.)

Cobbles in Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga

I love the texture of cobbles under my toes, and the shine rubbed in by generations of hooves, wheels, and feet.

Old cobbles in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga


Readers, can you help me? Will you consider voting for my Sicily photograph in the Islands poll? Here’s the link. The link will bring you to a photo I shot of a Sicilian woman in Capo Passero  (in the extreme southeast corner of Sicily). You can vote by clicking on *My Favorite* underneath the photo. (I could win a photography course and you could win a camera!) GRAZIE MILLE! (To see thumbnails of all 22 photos in the competition, click this link.)


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17 comments to Sicily, and a Romance with Old Cobbles

  • Ti ho votato! In bocca al luppo! Un abbraccio!

  • Dennis Berry

    I like the green bath. The hellish comparison was to the placement of the beautiful blue tile.


  • Beautiful images….one of my favorite things about Sicily:)

  • Dennis Berry

    Yes the new tile and shower is very nice, For some reason it made me think of “MENTRE CHE LA SPERANZA HA FIOR DEL VERDE” Maybe it’s the green or the 1st edition was PURGATORIO. By the way how did your sisters Dante reading go?

    • Jann

      Well, it turns out one week of Italian study wasn’t quite enough for her to comprehend Dante in Italian–but she’ll be back! Very apt comparison of the green bath to purgatory–it could be a bit better, but it could also (as I saw) be much more hellish!

  • I love your photos and your blog. I’ve had some fun blogging about Sicily and my attempts to persuade my husband to vacation there – his father’s parents were from Siracusa. I’m happy to report that I’ve just managed to convince mio marito and we’re planning a trip for June 2011. Thank you for the book and film recommendations!

  • Hey, the photo look very very nice! We’ll be glad to vote for you 🙂

  • sandee wheeler

    All those pictures were sooo good! What a wonderful island world we live in! I did, of course, vote for yours!

  • Cathy

    Hi Jann, you had my vote even after I saw all the pics! I love your blog and your pics. I’m glad the bathroom finally worked out for you but I could still cry over the loss & waste of those gorgeous blue tiles!!! 🙁 🙁

    Take care & good luck in the contest,

    • Jann

      Hi Cathy–You’re so sweet! Thanks so much for your vote. Really appreciate it and your comment as well. Not to worry about the blue tiles! What’s done is done and no use crying over spilt milk! (There must be a good Sicilian expression for that!)

  • Emalene Renna

    Cara Jann,
    Loved your photo. You got my vote. All your pictures are sooo interesting.

    And the new tiles in bathroom looks greateven if it did take Sicilian style negotioations
    Emalene Renna

    • Jann

      Thanks very much for your votes!!!! (I feel like a politician saying that.) Muchas gracias. Mille grazie.

  • Josephine Lissandrello

    Brava Jann! You got my vote. Your photographs on this blog today are extraordinary. Buona Fortuna. Jo

  • Christine

    Ciao Bella-
    I voted for your photo and would have chosen it even if you hadn’t asked.
    It’s a treasure!

  • NorahS

    I voted. Good luck!

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