Shuttered Sicily

June 19, 2010

Sicily’s shutters:

Defenders against the brash sun.

Mysterious louvered eyelids.

Guardians of secret lives.

Green Shutter in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily by Jann Huizenga

Shutters here are called persiane (Persians).

Sicilian Shutters on Orange Wall by Jann Huizenga

The hot ghibli winds have blown in from the Sahara, along with sand. Come mid-afternoon, you close the shutters tight and lie down in a dark room on cool sheets. Guilt-free. Everyone else is doing it, too.

Shutters and Rusty Balcony in Sicily by Jann Huizenga

Green shutters in apricot wall, Sicily, by Jann Huizenga

Later as the sun begins to drops, the village wakes and, one by one, le persiane creak open.

Sicilian Man in Window by Jann Huizenga

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7 comments to Shuttered Sicily

  • I love the rusted railings too!

  • ciao! grazie and great pictures. guarda che … it is “persiane”. the shutters is italian are feminine. go figure!

    • Jann

      Whoops! Thanks for that correction Beatrice! To think that all these months I’ve been talking to carpenters and painters about “i persiani!” I will herewith quick make the change in the post.

  • John Schinina

    Hi Jann, Last time I was in Ragusa,Ibla approx. 20
    yrs ago, I met a
    carpenter who had a small shop along side of St.
    George’s Church. He specialized in custom shutters.
    Take a look, who knows he might still be their.
    Wish I was you, John

    • Jann

      John, sorry to say, I don’t think he’s there anymore. There ARE still a few carpenters in Ibla, though, and even one very talented wood in-lay guy who makes. From what I understand, Ibla once had a whole coterie of such talented wood guys.

  • Margo Chavez

    Stay cool! I love the shutter system, great for an afternoon nap. And absolutely necessary in southern Spain too.

    • Jann

      Ciao Margo! Hope you’re managing to stay cool in Santa Fe, too–heard you had record highs! xxxx

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