A Volcano's Late- June Gift

June 23, 2010

Peaches grown on the lavic slopes of Mount Etna! They’re called pesche tabacchiere, and love poems should be scribbled to them.

I gobble them up, consoling myself after the new bathtub leaks (again) and the painter calls to say he cannot come (again).

They’re flat, with a juicy pale-yellow flesh. The size of mini-donuts, but even sweeter. They remind you of how things must have tasted in Eden. In fact, the fruit vendor says they were the original peach. “How peaches were,” he says, “when they were born.”

I don’t know if  he has scientific evidence for this, but I am completely convinced that this is the way peaches—and everything else—tasted in Eden.


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9 comments to A Volcano’s Late-June Gift

  • Dennis Berry

    In all seriousness i liked your poem. (less serious) Your peaches were so vivid that i went to the refrigerator and ate the peaches my wife was saving for breakfast. They were delicious, so sweet, so cold. I hope she will forgive me

  • Marjorie

    Jann! Thank you for the blog on the peaches. I had not thought to try those little peaches until I read your blog. They are as wonderful as you describe. Like eating peach perfume.

    Best regards,

  • Can’t see the photos, but you described the peaches so well, I can imagine them! They sound wonderful!

  • Ciao Jann, ” il mio cuore vuole per la Sicilia!” Great shots! We loved the post about the Brico too. John and I actually got locked in the big Brico, on the way to Marina di Ragusa, at lunchtime! The lights went out, we were at the far end of the store, and by the time we made it to the counter, there was one employee left just going out the door! They laughed, we laughed, and we all went off to lunch!

  • We have already had a couple of rounds of these delicious treats. My kids call them donut peaches.

  • Hi Jann,
    I want one of those peaches – impossible I know. Calhoun County ILL peaches were awfully good and have spoiled me forever. One year a frost came late and killed all of the blooms on the peach trees. No peaches! The following year, those trees made up for it with the best tasting fruit this side of Eden. We ate 3 or 4 a day – they were as big as my fist. So juicy. Thanks for the peachy memories. Sorry about the tub. Love you, sue PS No Pix came for me either.

  • Lexi

    Hi Jann, sounds so great but I did not get the photos of the lucious gems.The email came as a draft. Cant wait to see them and still wishing I was you. Leaky bathtub and all!

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