Sicilians: Pretty in Purple

July 24, 2010

Everyone’s doin’ it. Wearing viola, that is.

Someone up North in Milano must have recently decreed that the masses wear purple. Or perhaps they issued the edict last year and the news took a while to filter down to Sicily. Whatever. The color is everywhere and stepping into the piazza on a warm summer night feels like stepping into a fieldful of blooming violets.

Wearing Purple in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Wearing Purple in Sicily, Copyright Jann HuizengaWearing Purple in Sicily, Copyright Jann HuizengaWearing purple in Sicily, copyright Jann HuizengaWearing purple in Sicily, copyright Jann HuizengaWearing purple in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Are you wearing it, too?


Here’s Lucy (below right). She’s a reader from Toronto (see her comment on this post) and wanted to be included as a Sicilian in purple. Happy to oblige!

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12 comments to Sicilians: Pretty in Purple

  • Thanks for including me. I’m from CANADA, (Toronto, Ontario).

  • I love purple, I’m going to wear my purple and send you a picture!
    And then I’ll be a Sicilian in Purple love the sunglasses in the last photo!

    • Jann

      Lucy, please do send photo of you in your purple! I’ll post it at the end of the blog (only if you like). Yes, Sicilians in sunglasses look cool too–and there’s another topic for a post. Grazie!

  • Christine

    YES—but did you also know it’s an anti-Berlusconi color? It stands for the “purple people” party, which is not really a political party but more of a protest organization. I read about it in the spring and bought a skirt to wear as a statement. I think it’s quite clever to chose a fashion color, although the reason the group chose purple is that no other political party uses it. Interesting.

  • catherine Billups

    could it be coming from Purple fashion magazine….on FB

  • Wayne

    Coming in September. I better go shopping

  • catherine Billups

    I hate purple so you will never catch me wearing it. Reminds me of funerals which is what the Catholic Church uses. Unfortunately, the world seems to be wearing purple. I have never seen so many newscasters with purple and lilac and the star of Rocky was on Letterman this week with purple sunglasses, tie and shirt. Just awful.
    Never noticed purple at the shows in Milano recently but then I am not going to the shows any more. Don’t see Milanese wearing it but then it is not very Milanese.

    • Jann

      Very funny. I don’t have a TV here in Italy, so I’m missing the newscasters in lilac! Yes, purple seems to be the color of Catholicism and of royalty. Just read on this website ( that Roman emperors wore purple togas, and that purple came to be associated with royalty because the dye was so expensive.

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