Gettin’ Figgy in Sicily

September 13, 2010

September mornings are fresh as white sheets snapping on the line. I take long walks up and down stony, ringing steps.

Branches drip with overripe figs. I lean over derelict garden walls and push my arm through tangled vegetation to get at them, then bite into the crunchy redness like you’d suck a juicy orange wedge.

Sicilian FIgs, Copyright Jann Huizenga

A confession: I didn’t really know a fig from a kumquat until a few years ago (only those gluey Fig Newton atrocities that turned up with some regularity in my school lunchbox). But I love them now. They’re high in fiber and potassium (which will bring your blood pressure down).

Go get figgy, folks! Tis the season. Pair them with a dollop of lush goat cheese and drizzle a blossomy honey on top. Oh, what a nice sticky mess.


Here are  links to other fresh fig recipes from the New York Times:

Fig tart with caramelized onions

Braised chicken with figs

Grilled figs

What’s your favorite way to eat figs?

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