Mr. No Money

October 5, 2010

I meet Mister No Money on the streets of Giarratana—a small town known for its big onions—under a canopy of goose-down clouds. He doffs his hat and blinks eyes round and red as sun-dried tomatoes. “I am Giuseppe Scarso. In Sicilian my name means No Money.” His face cracks open into a bright smile. “And I really have no money!”

Nomen est omen.

His pal is Mister Happy (Signor Felice).

Two Sicilian Men Against Pink Wall, copyright Jann Huizenga

Mister No Money & Mister Happy

My plumber is Mister Horse (Cavallo); my neighbor Ms. Painted Eyes (Occhipinti); my ex-landlord Hector the Onion (Ettore Cippola); my hunky banker Mister Love (Amore).

Names lifted from some fairy tale.


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