4 Ways To Cut a Bella Figura This Winter

January 12, 2011

Here’s what the Sicilians are wearing this winter.

Winter Fashion in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

1. The puffy.

The temps here in Sicily are not really low enough to warrant these. But fashion is dictated by freezing-cold Milan, and shops in Italy all sell the exact same clothes, so that’s why down here in sunny Sicily, where trees are dripping with lemons and oranges and almond blossoms are popping out, people walk around looking like they’re ready to schuss down the Matterhorn. Note that the jackets must be either black or white–absolutely no colors. Capisci?

Men's Hats in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

2. The hat.

Men wear hats in Sicily, and they’re ADORABLE, don’t you think? The coppola (on the left) is a symbol of the island, and now adventurous women in Sicily are wearing them, too.

Winter Fashion in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

3. The scarf.

My friends Roberta Corradin and Antonio exude Italian chic with a boho twist.  Look at the ease, the nonchalance of these scarves. How do they do that? I got my husband one similar to Antonio’s for Christmas, but he can’t for the life of him figure out how to tie it. The scarf either strangles him or unfurls like a long flag in the wind.

Men's Red Plaid Suit in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

4. The red plaid suit.

Men are the real peacocks in Italy. As they say here, Wowa! Would you or your guy wear that?


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22 comments to 4 Ways To Cut a Bella Figura This Winter

  • No I’ve had this cap for 25 years! …and it had flown of someone’s head then. It’s now starting to fall apart.

  • You would not see me dead in that suit, but the coppola looks good. I need something to replace my ancient Irish tweed cap that flew past me on a windy day in West Belfast some 25 years ago.

    • Jann

      Well, Heiko, if you’ve been capless for 25 years, I’d say it’s high time…no?
      I hope you are slowly recovering from your flood, in body and spirit.

  • Carole DeSimone

    I’m afraid I’ve lost most of my Sicilian supersticions, so not sure but will let you know if I find out. Unless, it has to do with keeeping the influenza away.

  • catherine Billups

    I usually go down to Sicily at Easter and no matter how warm or how cold it is the Sicilians are still bundled up with hats, scarves and down jackets while the Notherners, especially from Germany, are in short sleeved T shirts.

  • sandee koeze wheeler

    I really was thinking funeral, too! The somber looks, the bowed heads! The scarf looks like it has been around Antonio’s neck for days….It is home there!

    • Jann

      Yes, they do look a bit somber, don’t they? In general, Sicilians wear black clothes to weddings (considered chic), and in this case they’re all standing around waiting for the couple to come up a long set of stairs to have their pictures taken.

  • Puffy coats when they’re not merited? How tragic! I wouldn’t wear them if it was forty below zero! Now the scarf couple–they have it going on! Tres chic! The guy in the plaid suit qualifies for a “wordless Wednesday” post and the gentleman in hats, stupendous! Charming post, Jann!

  • The sneakers with the plaid suit are a nice touch – he must be an artist! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest!

  • Wayne

    One must be careful riding a motorcross whilst wearing one of those long scarves. Tie it incorrectly and one end gets caught in the wheel while the other is wrapped around your neck and it’s curtains! But Roberta and Antonio look too intelligent to be motocross riders…

  • Carole DeSimone

    What can I say…they always have to follow la moda. My nephew just got back from Sicily and he was saying the same thing how they have no idea what cold is until they visit US. He got criticed a lot for not wearing a coat most of the time because it was warm to him compared to Missouri.
    I love all the pictures:)

    • Jann

      Yes, Carole–Sicilians are superstitious about “the coat.” There’s an unwritten rule that you must wear your coat through March (or is it April?) no matter how hot it gets, and there’s some Sicilian saying that you’re in for bad luck if you remove it before then–do you know what that is?

  • A real hat has so much more charm than the ubiquitous N.American baseball cap! And a scarf–who could leave home without one, no matter what the season? But as for the plaid suit…

    I must admit that my own husband sometimes wears African style bold printed outfits that could easily be mistaken for pyjamas out in public. He even took one to Italy and wore it when we were there–with a baseball cap! I’d be happy if his only fashion challenge was dealing with a scarf that won’t stay properly wrapped!

  • Cathy

    Wedding?? LOL, with all the dark clothes, looking so sombre and the flowers on the car, here I was thinking it was a funeral!!! I couldn’t believe someone wearing that suit anywhere, nevermind a funeral! 🙂

    And I am laughing about the big jacket in sunny Sicily while we are mid-blizzard here tonight… oh to be in sunny Sicily right now!! As always Jann, I am so jealous!

    I do love the hats and scarves though, but I’m afraid I would struggle much the same as your husband!

    Still loving your blog & pictures, take care,

    • Jann

      Thanks, Cathy. Great to hear from you. Stay warm, and sorry about that blizzard… (though snow sounds sort of romantic/magical from this perspective).

  • aida

    My Scottish Terrier Dog, Lancelot would compliment his attire very nicely..Matter of Fact he needs 2 of them with red leashes i will ad Galahad as well….Molto alla moda…..

  • Oh my. . .the suit is a bit over the top, doncha think? While the men of Vicenza are quite fashion conscious, I don’t think I’d ever see one dressed quite like that. Thank goodness! What is that catastrophe? Is he with the band?
    I do love the scarves.

    • Jann

      Well, Sicilians are Italians in extremis, so they’re always a bit over the top. The guy in the Scotch plaid suit is just a wedding-goer.

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