Studs and Plum Duds: Bella Figura in Sicily

January 26, 2011

More fashion for you, folks, straight from the bars and streets of southern Sicily.

Fat “diamond” ear studs for a barista:

Diamond Studs in Sicily, Bella Figura in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

And may I point out the heart-stopping eyebrows? And beaded necklace (to match the shirt)? Fantastico, no, how the Sicilian male adores adorns himself?

Bella Figura in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Eyebrow Fashion in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Studs all over the map.

Bella Figura in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

The full spectrum of purple–plum, wild lilac, dusty grape, violet sky, sangria, raspberry syrup, aubergine–is still very much in vogue (click here for a purple post from last summer). Also note, below, her super-chic wide-as-a-yardstick spectacle arms.

Bella Figura in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Since purple is the *in* color, a purple puffy is cool, too (in addition to the black and white ones I mentioned in an earlier post.)

Bella Figura in Sicily, copyright Jann HuizengaThe only fashion faux-pas committed by the lass in purple is her nasty plastic bag. But this is about to change, as Italy has just banned it, though word of the new legislation has not yet trickled down to the mini-markets of Sicily.

And below, the short trench, much alla moda.

Bella Figura in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

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14 comments to Studs and Plum Duds: Bella Figura in Sicily

  • i have to disagree, there is more fashion faux pas in that photo than just the plastic bag 😉

    • Jann

      Alexandra, remember we can’t use the yardstick of Florence or Milano here–we’re in the wilds of Sicily! 🙂

  • Good for the banning of plastic bags by the bella Italia! They make me want to cringe! Ah, the purple. Everywhere and so beautiful! It’s always so much fun to accompany you wherever you go!

    • Jann

      Yes, especially since Italy has a trash collection “problem,” shall we say, it’s good they’ve at least banned those bags which, when the trash collectors strike (way too often), fly around and get stuck in trees and bushes (besides not being biodegradable, etc etc).

  • It was difficult to get past those eyebrows/eyes on your first picture, but I DID read the rest of the article! I’m a T-shirt/jeans gal, but I am getting much more comfortable with the leggings and boots. I love scarves. It’s too fun.

  • you really have an eye for fashion and you make what usually makes me cringe (sorry, I am not a fashion snob, just that understated is more my style) look very cool indeed! And yes, purple is still everywhere! I feel very stylish in my 10 year old purple pea coat.

    • Jann

      Karen, I have to laugh at the “understated.” That’s where I’m coming from too, but in SIcily it’s all about exaggeration, so I’m trying to “step it up.” Which means, for me, to wear a piece of jewelry once in a while, and look around for a belt to put in my jeans.

  • Sam

    Once again – a set of photos that made me feel like I just took a stroll through your town….

  • I have yet to master that “thrown-on-at-the-last-moment-yet-100%-fashionable-with-a-touch-of-tousle” that most Italian women seem to produce on a daily basis…

    • Jann

      I think you have to grow up with it or something. When you come from a thrown on jeans and a T-shirt culture, it’s a struggle. The other thing I can’t get used to is that Sicilians keep their homes spotless, beds made everyday, etc etc. so that they’re ready at the drop of a hat to invite people in.

  • Very cool. That has been going on here for years, the studded face and big studded ears, the wide armed glasses, I feel fortunate that I bought last spring my short trench! It’s all good to know that I’m keeping up with my Sicilian family without even knowing it.

    • Jann

      Sounds like you’re right in sync with your roots, Lucy. I think Italian street fashion is heavily influenced by NY and CA…

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