Night Walk to the Cathedral

April 20, 2011

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  • Such a peaceful town. I bet it’s nice to be away from city traffic noise.

  • What a lovely surprise to arrive at the opening and see the cathedral! Thank you for capturing and sharing, the feeling of intimacy in the dark deserted street. What a magical place you have come to call home!

  • John Schinina

    Thanks Jann, Thank you for bringing us back to those wonderful memories.

  • catherine Billups

    molto bella e Buona Pasqua.


  • I like it that you obviously felt safe to walk along the deserted street alone at night, camera in hand. Wonderful to discover the oranges,and the brightly lit cathedral at the end of our stroll. Grazie.

    • Jann

      In Southeast Sicily I feel I can walk alone anywhere night or day–never feel endangered. (As opposed to in the US when I wouldn’t walk alone at night in unpopulated places.)

  • Susan

    Night walking is always full of suspense and mystery. I am happy to have had the chance to accompany you – if not in real time – well…virtual time will have to be good enough. Love and hugs, Sue

  • Jann, it was great to accompany you on your trayectory. You in your heels, me in my flip flops! I felt like we were characters in a suspense film, walking down the shadowy street, tension in the air…just wonderful!

  • Thanks for taking me with you on the walk. I loved it. Let’s go again sometime!

  • Aida

    Jann, it is wonderful to see you walk the steps i did in the exact same place on my sicily trip in Sept…that cathedral is lovely at night..i could hear your heels on those ancient stones you are brave and thank you for the memories, so glad you keep us all connected to life “La Dolce Vita”…

  • Pat

    Love it, Jann … the mystery of the tight, dark passageway, the oranges, the sound of heels clicking, then the large, empty, brightly lit plaza with the church sitting regally at the far end … I’ll play this whenever I need to escape the sometimes too-wide-open spaces of New Mexico.

    • Jann

      Hi Pat
      Thanks for looking & commenting!

      Readers, please check out Pat’s amazing online food magazine at

  • Grazie per la bella camminata. I loved the lemons (or were they oranges)!

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