Slip Back in Time in Sicily

May 16, 2011

Remember slips?

They’re still worn in Sicilia.

They wave from backstreet balconies, flags of nylon nostalgia.


Hanging Laundry in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga


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16 comments to Slip Back in Time in Sicily

  • Annette Abrignani

    My Sicilian Mother-in-law always wore slips, along with a girdle and thigh high hose. It didn’t matter what the weather was.

    • Jann

      Wow, Annette. That sounds like torture in the summer, but very bella figura! Thanks for commenting!

  • I LOVE those slips! You used to be able to get them cheap at vintage shops here in LA–I have a collection to wear around the house on summer days to feel all Sophia Loren–Now they’ve caught on and the prices have gone up. Must buy next time I’m in Italy…

    • Jann

      Susan, yes, of course–this kind of slip is so reminiscent of La Loren….! And what better way to get into her character than slip on a slip.

  • Gianfranco

    Petticoats were more popular in the 50/60’s because they were giving a better fit with clothes and you were avoiding skin contact with certain materials (wool, linen, etc).

    BTW did you notice you hardly can see sexy lingerie hanging out of the balcony? It is just to avoid men fantasies 😉

    • Jann

      Thanks, Gianfranco. I love hearing from a Sicilian! Now that you point it out, I think you’re right about the sexy lingerie. Usually it’s granny panties you see.

  • Are petticoats popular as well? Recently, at a nail salon, I caught a fashion roundup on TV, from a Hollywood awards show, and it looked like “hoops” were making a comeback!

  • Jann, my mom religiously wears slips and my daughter will also wear one because she deems it, “sexy lingerie.” Her words, not mine! I haven’t worn a slip since I was 16 but curiously, always admire them when I see them in the lingerie department in department stores!

  • Sam

    I can’t say much about slips, but it occurs to me that you should write a post about Sicilians and underwear. Get your research UNDERway!!

    • Jann

      Sam I was trying to figure out how to do this research, and then it occurred to me that the big glass-fronted lingerie stores found in the upper town, and the sexy underwear billboards along highways would be a good place to start.

  • I believe they’re largely worn as dresses these days.

  • liz

    oh, this was so delightful to see…my nonna always had a slip on, and because of her, my mom and my sisters, along with my daughter, always wore slips…and still do. as a matter of fact, i inherited some of her slips..i love them..they are as beautiful as the day she probably got them..some of them so full of beautiful lace and detail. thanks for this post…it brought back nice memories,of my nonna and her slips…

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