Sicily, and a Story of Spines

June 20, 2011

Direct from Italia! Coming soon to Peoria.

Dresses that showcase the back and plunge to the booty.

My husband commented that this blue number made him want to pour a cold drink down the valley of her spine and watch it trickle inside the wide rim of the dress.

I guess you never know what weird male fantasies a pretty dress will trigger.

Bella Figura in Sicily, Italy, copyright Jann Huizenga

Is this a Missoni?

Bella Figura in Sicily, Italy, copyright Jann Huizenga

Which of the dresses do you like best?

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21 comments to Sicily, and a Story of Spines

  • cemal karahan

    Yes, you are right , Jann…Well,I think capitalism is the right regime what makes one decide what sort of person they are and how you think , how you react , how you dress, and how you behave..It!s a kind of liberty ,no matter where you are , what you are…! While we experience the middle age approaches most of the time in some cases due to the ethnical positions and illeteracy perhaps, we experience the latest trends somewhere in someway, dear Jannn…That’s inevitable in this region as you see….!

  • cemal karahan

    The last photo…! The one on the right seems more beautiful…By the way, since the summer has just come to Ankara, we see the women wearing the same dress here ,too, fortunately….!

    • Jann

      Well, Cemal–that’s pretty interesting that Turkish women are wearing similar dresses. The country has changed since I was there!

  • Jann, I vote for the black and white because like other commenters have mentioned, it looks classier. The blue chevron stripped one has the mismatched stripes as Gianfranco pointed out and that’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t want someone staring at my ass and thinking the stripes are crooked! 🙂

  • I think your husand has a great imagination. The black and white one looks strange because of the fake pony tail on the lady and the white “pony tail” hanging off her backside. So………. by the process of elimination – the black one wins for me.

  • Charlie

    How about some couple photos so there is something for everyone!

  • Gianfranco

    The blue one is not a Missoni: the pattern is too big and not matching (the left with right side) in the upper part; for sure is a cheap dress because the fabric is hanging down and not hiding the bra.
    I vote for the white and black dress: it looks more classy to me

    • Jann

      Gianfranco, you have that super-duper trained Italian eye for fashion details. I didn’t even notice the stripes didn’t match up!

  • Black and White one. The blue one looks a little odd to me with that strap across the top. I’m not the most coordinated, and I’m sure I’d keep forgetting about the strap and end up with it wrapped around my neck every time I try to put it on…

    • Jann

      Ha! Sounds like something I’d do, too. And I’d just basically be pulling it up to at least waist height.

  • Charlie

    Hey Jann, good job, give the straight guys something to oogle over too…ha ha..


  • Emalene

    I have to show them to my husband and see his comments while I couldn’t wear any of them wishI could, like the white and black best!

  • may

    LOL about what your husband said!

  • I like both in the second picture. I’d wear the black and white, it’s pretty!

  • I like the plain black, too. Gone are the days when I would be able to ride bareback into town like this!

  • Ha! Love your husband’s imaginative imagery! I like the plain black, but I’m not nearly as exciting as most people, like your husband.

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