Flowers on their Toes in Sicily

July 11, 2011

Italians–those wily sorcerers–know how to prettify everything. Cocoa hearts on their coffees, flowers on their prettily painted toes.

“You have the ugliest feet I’ve ever seen,” a good friend once commented.

Since then I pretty much refuse to wear sandals in public.

So you can imagine how jealous I am of Italian feet.

The sandal style this year often has a Greek thing going on at the ankle and a sexy flower at the toes. And, damn it, your toenails better match.

Beautiful Summer Feet in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Pretty Italian Summer Feet, copyright Jann HuizengaWhat are you wearing on your feet this summer?


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25 comments to Flowers on their Toes in Sicily

  • I wish I was wearing those gorgeous sandals, but I have to admit that I do have a cute pair I brought home from Italy! Go for it!

  • Annette

    How funny … when I lived in Sicily my landlord’s daughter told me my feet were ugly too! Maybe because I’m flat-footed? You’re right, Italians can be blunt.
    Love the flowers on the sandals, cute idea! Think a 50 year old can carry it off?

  • Oh gosh … you’re reminding me that I need a pedicure! Cute sandals.
    Unfortunately most of the time I am wearing my very comfortable Mephistos which aren’t very feminine!

  • At this point I’m desperate to just find something comfortable, all of my current shoes have destroyed my feet.
    You’re friend actually told you your feet are ugly? Ouch! Is she Italian by any chance? They can be quite blunt. When one of my friends gained wait, Italians cheerfully informed her that she’d gotten fat. Uh, thanks?

    • Jann

      Well, yes, Haley, she was Italian. I’ve also been coached by Italian friends on proper posture, how to wear my hair, etc etc. Feels a little invasive to an American, I guess…. but I’m getting used to it.

  • Sam

    Thanks. Your photos remind me that I should look at women below the knees from time to time.

  • Great style! Great photos! Great nail paint!

  • John Schinina

    Once again Italians proving to be number 1 in Style and Design,always years ahead.

  • sandee wheeler

    I, too, do not have the most attractive feet! I think the flowers would only draw attention to them…..and paint on the toenails would REALLY draw attention!
    Let’s leave it to the Italians!

  • Wayne

    I’m on a cross town bus at this very moment to go return a pair of sandals I don’t like. I can pretend its because they have no flowers

  • How delicious! Love the first pair! I’m sure your toes are just fine! I say go for it and buy one of those cute sandals…you are in Italy after all! (just make sure you pick the right color of smalto!)

  • Michelle Relae

    I love gladiator sandals, and I have found a lovely shade of violet toenail polish that I love!

  • Jann, I’m sure somewhere in cyberspace, you’re driving some dude with a foot fetish wild with these photos! 🙂 Now that’s what I call a nice pedicure! I love the first pair! There’s something about flowers on sandals that make them so feminine and girly! Love them!

  • Love the first pair! I, too, have flowers on my toes with a pair of (non-Italian) Clarks. Fun 🙂

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