Water from Stone

August 9, 2011

Water runs again in our village fountains.

How many years were they dry? I’m not sure, actually, but this year the village coughed up around 250,000 euro to make them gush again.

These antiques now have a modern twist. See for yourself.


Restoring a Fountain in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Restoring Ibla's Fountains

A large, wide basin at the foot of Ragusa Ibla where donkeys drank and women did the laundry is also under reconstruction.

Ragusa Ibla is lucky to have money for things like this, thanks to its status as a World Heritage Site. In the poor village of Cassaro about an hour away, a wall mural has replaced the old village fountain. It sort of breaks my heart.

Mural on wall in Casaro, Sicily, Italy, copyright Jann Huizenga

Casaro, Sicily


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14 comments to Water from Stone

  • sandee wheeler

    I am loving the fountain and it does seem like a good way to conserve water. Next will be a way to wave your hand in front of a laser, like in a public restroom! Good to hear your voice, Jann!

  • Jann, will you hate me if I told you that while I was blown away by the lovely fountain, my attention was riveted on your groovy animal print flats? 🙂 Love ’em! I loved the video! Your voice sounds very soothing! hee hee! I like the idea that the new fountain system conserves water and while I think the fountain is gorgeous, the mural, while it can’t replace the fountain, is lovely.

  • Love the shoes! I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure out that I had to step on that little button to make the water flow from the lion’s mouth. Thanks for the demo. A brilliant way to restore the fountains and conserve water at the same time. Those murals are, indeed, a sorry replacement for the fountains of yesteryear.

  • John Schinina

    Many Thanks for your wonderful information. After reading your weekly notes I feel I’m living in beautiful Ragusa Ibla, I could only wish. Thanks again, never stop. John Schinina

  • Most interesting, Jann. You frequently get me thinking of things I never before pondered. I’m so used to all the free-flowing fountains in Rome that I hadn’t thought of other places. Nice that they are able to restore their use in some way.

    • Jann

      Yes, it’s amazing that in Rome they never turn the water off, even in many of the little neighborhood fountains. Does it recycle? Where does it go?

  • Gail

    Love the fountain, but really your shoe is a hit.

  • Sam

    Am I correct in assuming that Ragusa Ibla has no problems with water shortages? I seem to remember some Sicilian towns rationing water many years ago.

    • Jann

      In some interior towns in Sicily, it seems the Mafia controls the waterworks. Luckily that is not the case in Southeast Sicily, Sam.

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