A Bird from Sicily

November 20, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve had a giveaway, so here’s today’s deal.

The early bird gets the worm. Between now and 12 midnight EST on Nov 22, leave a comment on this or any of my last 5 posts, and you’ll be entered into the drawing to win this touch of Sicily. (The winner will need a mailing address either in North America or Italy.)

The tile from Caltagirone is 4 inches square and a half inch thick. Use as a trivet on your holiday table or give as a gift.

Tile from Caltagirone, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Caltagirone is famous for its ceramics and grand tiled staircase, which I copied in miniature in my house.


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58 comments to A Bird from Sicily

  • I have a Canadian address, toss me in your hat too!

    • Jann

      Hey there Lucy–I would happily do that, but you’ve missed the deadline and the drawing has already happened. But there will be another tile giveaway in January, so stay tuned for that.

  • Dennis Berry

    If i win send the tile to Vicki’s Mom for her 93rd birthday.


  • Joanne Trentini

    Hope the Birdie decides to “nest” in Connecticut. Please add me to the hopeful contestants.

  • Jesse

    How beautiful!

    I just found your blog (through Stumbleupon) tonight and I love it. I visited Sicily twice last year when my husband’s job took him there for a few days. I might be moving there next year (if all goes right). I’m going to start studying Italian just in case. 🙂

  • sandee wheeler

    Toss my name in, Jann! That tile would be a beautiful addition to my Italian pottery! I LOVE birds….and I LOVE tiles!

  • Love this!! Frank would not let me bring any tiles back with us!! I was so bummed!! The tile is beautiful!

  • What a delightful tile, and your staircase is beyond Beyond! I think it’s well worth the struggle (and, no doubt the cost) that you endured to have it made.

  • vicki carol

    Well, I did get up at 5:30am this morning, so I should win the bird and the worm , right? I have been loving clicking unto the site as soon as I see the email. I take care of my Mom , who will be 93 on the day of your drawing. What a great Birthday present for her.
    But I know it will be the luck of the draw.

  • I am living in Belgium and therefore not qualifying
    may the bird find a warm nest!

  • I live in Belgium and am therefore not qualifying ! 🙁
    greetings anyway and may the bird find a warm nest

  • Dennis Berry

    a bird came down the walk
    HE did not know i saw
    HE bit an angle worm in halves
    and ate the fellow raw

    • Jann

      🙂 lol, Dennis. Did you write this? Then you need to quick write a children’s rhyming book–you can be the next Dr. Seuss.

  • Wayne

    This is very beautiful!

  • Emalene

    I’d love to win this bird. I remember the city and loved it.

  • Pat

    A bird in my hand would be a wonderful thing … Your contest has really brought out the comments … And the commentators!

  • –I totally Must HAVE that BIRD for my table.

    Beautiful. Xx

  • What a conversation piece!

  • Toni Merenda Carbone

    Caltagirone has a magnificient stairway lined with its ceramic tiles, no two levels are the same. The city itself is quite interesting, and it has a museum reflective of its culture. A must see when visiting the town. Since I collect roosters and hens this tile would be a beautiful edition to my statuary, and place mats. I have a USA mailing address, please put my name in. Thank you

  • Charlie

    Just in case it needs to be posts since the contest start date, I’ll post here though not much to add other than Caltagirone was on the list as a possible place to visit while I was in southeast Sicily, but did not make it there as something had to give on my list given that I wanted to soak in the Sicilian lifestyle vs cross items off a list. Many places yet to see give a reason to return — yeah!

  • Such a cute bird. Toss me in the hat, too. My kitchen is yellow and greenish. Your contests are always fun. I thought of you when I was at the market in Rome and saw banana keepers! haha. By the way, I’m back home again. Bah!

  • Margo

    I need the bird to remind me of Sicily’s beauty, both natural and artistic.

  • Matt Grippi

    Beautiful tile. I hope I win. A touch of Sicily in Idaho would be nice this time of year.

  • Barbara Valenti

    I love Caltagirone!!! And that sweet little yellow bird trivet would look right at home in my kitchen. I remember climbing the staircase and marveling at all the little shops along the way, one of which I did purchase a ceramic lady in peasant dress, carrying two quartare on her arms. She is a constant reminder of a grand vacation to Sicily. I have a USA address and would love to add this bird to my ceramic collection.

  • Cathy

    Oh Jann what a beautiful tile and I do rememeber your post of the staircase with the tiles and also the border around the kitchen floor (see? I wasn’t just looking at those men in Speedos!!)

    I feed the birds daily here and love to watch them from my window as I work in my cucina here in New Brunswick Canada (and dream of Italy), so would LOVE to have this little yellow Sicilian bird to watch them with me!!

    • Jann

      Oh, my Cathy. You DO make a good case for having the birdie! It’ll be a random drawing, though, so your good case won’t count. So glad you read posts other than Speedo ones. 🙂

  • Don Modaro

    Also check out Santo Stefano di Camastra, about 25 klicks East of Cefalu’, along the Northern coast. Amazing displays of ceramics.

  • Therese

    I love this tile! Being Sicilian myself, I’ve loved the looked of Deruta pottery and anything like it – all the majolica designs! My husband built me a new kitchen in our little old farmhouse last year, and it is very much a “country Italian” kitchen! This tile would go great in it, framed and on the wall!

    Love your blog – wait for it and adore living vicariously through your adventures!

  • Don Modaro

    The traditional Sicilian colors of blue, green and yellow are perfect for this bird tile. Personally, I like a trinacria better, but hey, a little variety doesn’t hurt, vero?

  • Look at that yellow bird! So proud of herself (himself?) for catching the worm.

  • Jan Walcott


    I look forward to your posts with great anticipation. The “people watching” is particularly enjoyable. We have had one trip to Sicily and anticipate another next year, and would love to have this charming uccello to grace my kitchen along with the spoon rest I bought in Cefalu two years ago. Keep up the good work, you are the Sicilian Chamber of Commerce for the rest of us!

    Jan Walcott

  • I spent 2 weeks driving around Sicily, but missed Caltagirone! Rats! Next trip!
    Love the tile!

    • Jann

      Hi Kay, thanks for your comment. Sicily is big with a zillion things to do and see, so 2 weeks isn’t enough at all! Come back for the rest!

  • Nancy Hersch

    Googled it. The area looks beautiful. I’ve never been that far south in Sicily.

  • Nancy Hersch

    Love the bird. I’ve never been to Caltagirone. Will have to check it out next time I’m in Sicily. Sicilian ceramics are a favorite.

  • aida vellotti

    Jann, Lanci il mio nome nel cappello…..matches my cucina

  • Jann, per piacere, toss my name into the hat as well since I have a US mailing addy! This little bird tile would enhance my dining experience. I know it! 🙂

  • I have a USA mailing address and a happy home to share with this tile..yes

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