A Man and a Priest in Sicily

November 11, 2011

“Signora!” called out a red-faced man in baroque Scicli. “Come here!”

I sauntered over, and he beckoned a young priest to his side.

“Please take our picture.”

I obliged.

Afterwards the man said, “Do you know why I asked you to take our picture?”

“No, why?”

“Because,” the man beamed, his face reddening even more, “this priest, he is my son.”

A Sicilian father with his priest son, copyright Jann Huizenga

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14 comments to A Man and a Priest in Sicily

  • Sam

    Technically, an Archbishop can ordain someone (oops! I mean a male) regardless of his age or education, but the standard is now 4 years of undergraduate study, plus a year or two of theology.

  • sandee wheeler

    The son looks so young! How old must he be to have completed the requirements to be a priest? They both look so proud!

  • –My heart just leapt.

    Gorgeous. Beautiful. Priceless.

    I loved this soooooooooooooo damn much. The look on their faces. The father. The son. ooooooh.

    Thank you, Jann. Xxxx

  • Jann, you can see the pride beaming in the man’s face! And what a young priest he is! He looks as young as my son. This post reminded me of something my mother, a devout Catholic once said. She said, “I should have named you Ruth and if you had been a son instead of a daughter, I would have wanted you to be a priest. A priest named Juan.” I think I was spared on both counts! hee hee! 🙂

  • So good!!!! Short and sweet- you can see the family resemblance.

  • Bud

    That’s a lovely picture Jann. so much meaning and emotions behind it, Complementi!!

    Thank you

    Bud Agnew

  • Oh, that timeless Catholic pride in having a son go into the priesthood. Amazing that it is alive and well after all the scandals that have finally surfaced to become public knowledge. It is encouraging that there is still hope and faith alive in the world. Isn’t it wonderful how the proud papa’s face perfectly mimics the rich red of the fabric behind him! He is postiviely fit to burst. I do like the unexpected earring that the papa is sporting, as well. Jann, you have such a talent for making portraits rich with character.

    • Jann

      Thanks, louciao! I really haven’t figured out the relationship between Sicilians and priests. On the one hand, there’s this kind of pride if you have family in the priesthood, and on the other there are lots of Sicilian proverbs such as Putting your hope in a priest is like trying to catch the wind in a net and Don’t make friends with priests and politicians.

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