Looking Skyward in Sicily

November 16, 2011

Tip your head back in Southeast Sicily, and this is what you see.

Church in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Baroque Church in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Church Bell in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann HuizengaChurch in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Church in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann HuizengaChurch in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Circolo di Conversazione, Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

What do you see looking skyward in your neck of the woods?


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34 comments to Looking Skyward in Sicily

  • Dennis Berry

    One of my favorite focal points. Kind of reverse B.A.S.E. jumping with a camera.
    Great photos.

  • sandee wheeler

    Lovely Jann!

  • vicki carol

    I just signed unto your site and have been having fun reading your past blogs. My Grandfather was born in Sicily in the small town of San Catalto. I really knew very little about his life there. One of these days I will visit Sicily, but until then thank you for the glimpses.


    • Jann

      Hi Vicki–it’s great to meet you! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. You must plan a visit to your grandfather’s birthplace–you’ll love it. I’ve never been to San Catalto, but it looks like it’s right in the middle of the island.

  • Larry May

    The Circulo di Conversazione building has always been my favorite in Ragusa Ibla. I would guess there are many interesting symbols and stories inside. I’ll be there next week (visiting Ubik) and hope the windows of Circulo are open. Ragusa Ibla is where I’d live in Sicily, after Marine di Modica that is…

    • Jann

      Hi Larry–thanks for your comment. I love that building, too–it’s the meeting place for Ibla’s aristocrats, as you may know… Do you live in Marina di Modica???

  • Susan Ploplys

    Great Composition!

  • Gorgeous baroque. Exciting angles. As always, thanks for the beauty. Susan

  • Jann,
    it’s like looking directly into heaven. :)) xx

  • Jann, can the sky be any bluer in Sicily? I love the angle and vantage point in these shots! That first one is simply breathtaking! They’re all so good, it’s hard to pick a favorite! 🙂

    • Jann

      When the ghibli is blowing sand from the Sahara over the island, the sky is not so blue…but more often than not it’s this color. Thanks, Bella.

  • I found myself tipping my head back and trying to lower my eyes enough to see the computer while the photos were loading! You are so creative. Yes, there is endless beauty everywhere….. it takes a special person to notice it and a gifted person to share it so vividly with others. Brava!

  • cemal karahan

    History…old times….old people……magnificent buildings you cannot build today and Jann amid them….! thank you Jann as to bring these beauties before us…!

    • Jann

      Cemal–thanks for your comment! I ask myself exactly the same thing all the time: why can modern man no longer produce such gorgeous buildings? Hard to understand.

  • emalene

    oh Jann
    I love you photos, they always have such a great perspective. Just came back from Umbria and the fog layers were also mystical. I look forward to your blog, it’s always a treat.

    • Jann

      Emalene, thank you so much! I’m so jealous that you were in Umbria. LOVE IT! Where in Umbria were you “headquartered?”

  • Pat

    Jann … You are endlessly creative with what you see, note and send to us … which makes your postings such a pleasure to open. I used to look up that way when I was in certain of the older neighborhoods in Boston … there were all kinds of wonderful things along the rooflines of the brownstones … carvings, alcoves, stone bonnets and, best of all, gargoyles.I wonder if there are neighborhoods in Santa Fe that would be so rich?

    • Jann

      Hi Pat, Thank you! It’s good to hear from you. I think if you look up in Santa Fe you see lots of flat roofs 🙂 but in the right dusk light, the tops of certain buildings–old churches mainly–would make for wonderful photos.

  • “Things that make you go aahhhhhhh” Absolutely beautiful, Jann! 🙂

  • catherine billups

    I spend a good part of my time when I am in Noto looking at the sky. Now I am in Oltrepo Pavese and I cannot see the sky because I am completely fogged in. Wonderful photographs.

    • Jann

      Ciao Catherine, thank you! The fog in northern Italy is pretty, too–don’t you think? All those canals and poplar trees…You’re lucky to be able to live part-time under both kinds of sky!

  • Gorgeous colors, Jann.

  • Oh my goodness, I’d have a permanent crick in my neck and be forever walking into people and things if I were in Sicily with those azure skies and that golden-toned architecture to gawk at. Nothing like that around my neck of the woods where it’s mostly…woods.

  • Sam

    Okay – now I’m really dizzy and feel like I’m going to tip over backwards.

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