The Red-N-Blue Boat

February 5, 2012

Blue and Red Boat in Pozzallo, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Blue and Red Boat at Pozzallo, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Blue and red boat at Pozzallo, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Winter in Pozzallo, Sicily–all the way down at the tail end of Italy.

Alone under a black sky.

Beached. Marooned.

Missing the glint of the sun.

‘N the bob of the sea.

Know the feeling?


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30 comments to The Red-N-Blue Boat

  • Tom

    Jann….poor dear Aida. I dragged her down to Pozzallo to see a townhouse for sale on the promenade. On our way there we stopped in Donnalucata to sample the cannoli you mentioned in a previous post. But, yes, as mentioned it was closed. This photo is provocative. Do you know if these wood boats and their brave captains ever go over to Valletta? We see them there, in Valletta and also on the north shore, Cefalú and Palermo..thanks Jann for these posts.

    • Jann

      Oh, dear. Sorry that place I recommended in Donnalucata was closed! Grrr. Wouldn’t that be something to travel to Malta in one of these little boats? You’d have to be brave-crazy! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Tom.

  • Bonnie

    Ciao Jann,

    I am planning a trip to Sicily on September. Want to ride motorcyle around the country. Any suggestions?

    • Jann

      This sounds like fun! Here’s link to a book about a chef traveling on a vespa around Sicily.

      Try to stay on the tiny back roads, which are MUCH prettier with little traffic. There are some great little ones in Southeast Sicily, say between Ragusa Ibla to Giarratana to Palazzolo Acreide with a side trip to Buscemi and down to Siracusa. Or around Noto. Maybe around Mt. Etna? (If you like wine country.)

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann,
    Once again you prove to all of us your talent. I have a question, why are the Buildings/Houses not painted throughout Sicily,I find it distrubing.

    • Jann

      Ciao John–thanks for that sweet compliment. Well, concerning the peeling paint and plaster: the weather is harsh in Sicily (sun, especially), so paint fades fast and plaster crumbles, and since it’s a poor island, the funds are often lacking for upkeep. People are always busy re-plastering buildings, but while this is going on, others fall into disrepair. Also, many of the homes and buildings are abandoned. Old people die, and their kids have left the island for work elsewhere, so the houses sit empty. Now, my personal take on this??? I sort of love the crumbling plaster walls–that look of decay. (Maybe just because I’m a photographer.) What I don’t like is the new buildings (some of them constructed with Mafia money) that sit half-built and ugly.

  • What gorgeous colours and textures–and light. My latest fascination is with how things can appear light under dark skies. Of course, a bright coat of paint in blue and red can get quite a glow on, in spite of glowering skies and dark moods. I just love that first photo. Not only the tones and subject matter but the sheer size of the buildings with the small and lonely shape of the man contrasted against them. Quite wonderful.

  • catherine billups

    beautiful photographs.

  • anastasia

    I love the little boat. it seems so tranquil, like
    it’s just waiting for someone or something to return.

  • Maria Clayton

    Ciao Jann,

    Love how you capture these simple yet exquisite pictures. Makes me want to paint.
    Love from Maria (Valentine, NSW, Australia) XXXX

  • Aida

    Oh my, I know this spot and town..we were on a quest to find the best canoli….and settle the canoli war….
    But the restaurant was closed…ugh

    • Jann

      Hi Aida, Do you remember the name of the restaurant you were looking for? I hadn’t heard about any superlative cannoli in Pozzallo. So sorry, though, that it was closed when you went. Sounds like Sicily. Things are always closed when you really need them!

  • I needed this beach, this boat, this sky. Simply breathtaking! Thanks, Jann. Susan

  • Ahhhhh, sometimes I feel like that sweet old forgotten boat.

    Xxx Kisssss. Love when I click over here, Jann.

  • Jann, I love how the colors of the little red and blue boat just pop in this photo! What charming captures, friend! And yes, I have felt like the little boat many times in my life! 🙂

  • Sam

    Never been beached or marooned, but like this little boat, I’ve been overturned a thousand times.

  • Enchanting Jann, simply enchanting……

  • Poor sweet little boat! Out of sorts and out of season…. Lovely, melancholy little post Jann.

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