Ti Amo

February 13, 2012

Heart Graffiti on Wall in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Love Graffiti on a Sicilian Wall, copyright Jann Huizenga

Love Graffiti on Sicilian Wall, copyright Jann Huizenga

Love Graffiti in Sicily, copyright Jann  HuizengaBuon San Valentino!


24 comments to Ti Amo

  • So, love was not only in the air and written in the stars, but scrawled on walls. Eros would be pleased.

  • Jann, only Italians could make graffiti look romantic! Brava! I love the red heart. I’ve missed you! Drop by my place soon, per piacere! 🙂

  • anastasia

    Speaking of love,I love Sicily!! That’s why I bought
    a place there.

  • sandee wheeler

    Do they ever try to clean the graffiti off the walls? It must damage the walls to try to clean them! Happy Happy Valentines Day, Jann!

    • Jann

      In Sicily, a lot of the graffiti hangs around forever–it depends whose wall it is on. If it’s on stone, it needs to be sandblasted–or if it’s on plaster, then plastered or painted over. xxxxxxx

  • Cathy

    Happy St. Valentine’s Day Jann! xoxoxo

  • Jann,
    great graffiti.

    That is ART.

    Love Love Love. xxx

  • John Schinina

    I love Valentine’s Day but unfortunately I hate graffiti, I don;t see LOVELY at all. Distroying an ancient wall with a love message, too me is an oxymoron. Too bad the message bearer doesn’t have what it takes to face the one they Love. His message should have been “Ti Amo I am a COWARD” I chose too destroy this wall so that you will know I am a Moron and have no idea why.
    My last trip to Italy was very upsetting to me facing graffiti at such a beautiful ancient country filled with beauty at every turn, I wished that was not so in my lovely Ragusa. Hope I wasn’t out of place

    • Jann

      John–not at all “out of place!” I like strong opinions like yours. And you also made me laugh! “Ti Amo–I’m a coward”–:)

      But about graffiti in Italy I’m a bit torn. Italians invented graffiti–or at least the word–and even the walls in ancient Pompeii were/are covered with it. So it’s an old old tradition. (Also, as a photographer, I’m often drawn to the artistic qualities of it, but that’s a whole other thing…)

      HOWEVER, all that said, I too find it appalling when ancient churches and other precious monuments get tagged with graffiti.

      I think I should do another post on this…

      Anyway, Happy Valentine’s!!

  • Henry Barth

    Is it common to see graffiti written in English around Ibla?

    • Jann

      Henry, it’s much more common to find graffiti in Italian of course, but English pops up periodically–especially sweet little phrases like “i luv u” and “f*** you.”

  • Buon San Valentino a te! I miei complimenti per le tue foto.

  • Jann, As usual, you make my day! Susan

    • Jann

      So sweet of you Susan! Thanks so much for commenting.

      And may I tell readers that your mystery, DEATH OF A SERPENT (A SERAFINA FLORIO MYSTERY) is a free download on Amazon as an ebook only for Valentine’s Day. It’s a historical mystery and it takes place in 1866 on the northwest coast of Sicily in a fictional town close to Palermo.

      If you’re interested, you can download it here:
      Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/zfo1df
      Amazon.it – http://bit.ly/wdHkKd

  • Sam

    Nice to see LOVEly graffiti for a change!

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