She of the Blue Curlers, in Sicily

March 4, 2012

What is she thinking, she of the Blue Curlers?

Sicilian Married Couple at Window, copyright Jann Huizenga

And where are his thoughts, he of the White Undershirt?


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34 comments to She of the Blue Curlers, in Sicily

  • Dennis Berry

    Our German friend and his wife were visiting. My wife asked her why she ironed his underwear. He interjected that his wife would be embarrassed if his mistress were to see him in wrinkled underwear.

  • Anitre

    She’s thinking about the ironing to do and he’s thinking about lunch. Typically Sicilian!

    • Jann

      Hi Anitre–welcome to the blog!
      Ah, the ironing. I’ve never met people (i.e.women) who do as much ironing as Sicilians. Of course, they don’t use dryers (a very good thing for the environment), but why do they insist on ironing sheets and even underwear?

  • I don’t know what she is thinking but it isn’t a happy thought. I agree with the pic being a base for a novel, ” Eyes that Kill”.


  • Jann, this most definitely has to be one of the pluses of growing old together–you wear what you want and even stand out on the terrace whilst doing so! The blue curlers reminded me of the kind my mom used to wear back in the 70’s when she wanted her poker straight hair to have some curl. Ironically, I used to wear those huge curlers that took the curl out! Yep. We’re never happy with what we’ve got. Love this image! Such a conversation starter! 🙂

    • Jann

      Yes, the sight of curlers takes me way back. I had some big ones that felt like prickers, and somehow I slept on them!

  • Maria Clayton

    Ciao Jann from down under in sunny Valentine, NSW, Australia. I bet she’s thinking “if only I could, I would throw a few blue curlers in that white mop of his!! He’s thinking “what would happen if I jumped now” XXX

  • Hi Jann,
    I’ve figured it out! She’s thinking “If he doesn’t start wearing his wedding ring then I’m getting a boyfriend”. He’s busy watching the American girl trying to buy vegetables from the street vendor.

    • Jann

      WOW, you’re observant, John. I wonder if it’s a trend among married men in Italy not to wear a wedding ring?? 🙂

  • Sam

    She’s thinking: “He still looks alert. Obviously the arsenic has not yet kicked in.”

  • She is wondering when the floors will dry so she can get back to the kitchen. He is wondering what’s for dinner.

    • Jann

      What’s for dinner DOES seem like a paramount concern to the average male! Thanks for commenting, Dana.

  • They remind me so much of the Maltese – but then we are only 60 miles away from you so the similarity is natural I suppose!

    • Jann

      Hi Bunty–thanks for commenting from your gorgeous isle. I’ve fallen in love with Malta from 2 recent trips there.

  • sandee wheeler

    She is giving him the “stink eye” !!


  • —He is thinking, “Daaaaamn, that is one sexy mama!”

    —–She is thinking, “If he doesn’t stop looking at the young girl, I’m going to shove one of these blue rollers down his throat!”

    Love the photo, Jann. I wonder how long they’ve been together.
    Apparently, a long time…since she appears quite comfortable in those lovely blue rollers. HaaHAaa.


  • wayne

    He’s thinking “where’s my dinner?” She’s thinking “you’ll get it when i’m good and ready to get it for you.”

  • Jann, yet another gob smacking photo. Is there ever going to be an exhibition of your work to celebrate your talent?
    When I was last in Palermo I went to Palazzo Riso and saw some great exhibitions….Mary Taylor Simeti’ s son’s work was featured (Francesco Simeti), could you not approach Sicily first and then pave the way to an exhibition or a publication?

    What about a slide show/ projection that could be exhibited (easier/ cheaper than sending photos).

  • Worth a novel, that picture!

  • That she still can’t trust him as far as she can throw him…. And his inquisitive, slightly mischievous stare seems to confirm it….Ha ragione la signora! This post has made my morning Jann. Grazie. The lady’s hands are still so beautiful, did you notice? Olio d’oliva siciliana? Jx

    • Jann

      🙂 Mischievous! Yes–it could describe them both. Rubbing olive oil on the skin–an old Sicilian beauty trick. (Drinking a cupful in the morning is an old Sicilian health trick.)

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