Settling in Sicily: The Long Decision, Part IV

May 23, 2012

You asked for some more snippets of my New Life.

Here they are, with my compliments of the day…

Storage space in limited in the New Life, so pots and pans and bowls are stacked high on shelves.

My fridge is just a waist-high pull-out drawer. Love it! Nothing bulky to block the view from the kitchen.

My dishes are either flea-market finds (chipped & cracked) or from the remainder bin at the local supermarket. My motto: no dish or cup or glass over 1 euro.

I splurged on a few pots from Caltagirone, Sicily's ceramics center.

My heat source. (Sicily can get raw in the winter.) Dryers are not used in Sicily, so the radiators function as my dryer when it rains.

I couldn't believe when the electrician showed up with a huge box of outlet covers--I had my choice of about 35 gorgeous colors, and of course I chose green.


A hand with a menorah--found in the Moroccan desert--dangles from my closet door.

My narrow balcony holds a spindly olive and a puny orange tree.


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30 comments to Settling in Sicily: The Long Decision, Part IV

  • I watch for your updates!!! I may never get to Italy but reading your postings and soaking in the pictures you include is like reading a good book. I can let myself feel like I’m there 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • Jann

      Suzette, welcome to the blog, and thanks so much for reading and commenting! So glad to have you as a reader. I just looked at your website and was taken back to my university days in Michigan! (And congratulations on your mention in the NY Times!)

  • Jann, I’m so happy you’re showing us more snippets! Grazie! I love these shots! They are fantastic! I smiled as I looked at these since they remind me of my life here. No kitchen space–bowls nestled together and stacked on shelves, no dryer so clothes air dries on a drying rack, and a tiny terrace that still houses plants and a tiny tree! Lovely, isn’t it? I love the concept of the hidden fridge! Now that I don’t have! 🙂

    • Jann

      Bella, how nice we share the same kitchen space issues! Yeah, one has to get creative about stacking and nesting!

  • Gil


    Just happened to find your site while doing
    another search. All I can say is! I am
    glad you are living your dream. My wife and
    I recently visited Rome and Genoa while on a
    week-long cruise. I can’t wait to go back and
    even moreso visit Sicily. I found out not too
    long ago that both great grandfathers came
    to my hometown of New Orleans from Sicily
    over 100 years ago. It’s a long story. Any-
    way, Sicily seems to be a gorgeous place
    with beautiful people. Thanks for sharing
    your new life.

    • Jann

      Gil, I’m so glad you stumbled across the blog. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! You must visit your roots in Sicily!

  • Sam

    I especially like your caption of the last photo. I think I’m going to title my next novel “The Spindly Olive”.

  • Anitre

    I never thought I would lust after a refrigerator. What a cool design. I love the whole eclectic & beautiful spirit of your home. Brava, Jann!

    • Jann

      Anitre, Ariston just came out with this design the year I bought it–it solved so many design problems for me!

  • catherine billups

    Always a pleasure to see your little treasures.

  • Thank you for the encore! A tight budget opens you up for creativity, doesn’t it? Lovely.

  • Lise

    Simply wonderful!

  • Your heat source… favorite! How am I going to make that work with in floor heating??? I may have to reconsider 🙂 Cin cin!

    • Jann

      Ciao cara–you mean for drying your clothes? Guess you’ll spread them all over the floor! xxxxxx Baci

  • Tom

    Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. Did you find the hamsa in the Moroccon desert yourself? It’s a beauty!

    • Jann

      Tom, I found it in a little shop in Zagora. The shopkeeper explain there used to be a small Jewish community there–alas, no more. I didn’t know it was called a “hamsa.” Do you know anything more about it? What is was used for? Thanks, Tom!

  • Dearest Jann!! I love your beautifully edited world. A girl after my own heart! Jxxx

    • Jann

      🙂 Janine–a good phrase–“edited world.” Exactly. Only keep stuff you love & edit out the rest.

  • –Jann,
    you are living the life of a poet.

    The past & present all mixed up in lush greens.

    “Tu sei bella”


  • Nancy

    As usual, you describe the perfect life. I think what I love about Italy, and Sicily in particular, is the laid back life.

  • GREEEEEEEEN with envy Jann!! Beautiful post once again! Is that San Giorgio in the background???? Wow! Auguri!

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