Cocktail Hour with a Roman Twist

June 19, 2012

Romans love to relax at the end of a long (hot) day with a drink, and this is how they do it.

Pair of Roman Men Having an Aperitivo; copyright Jann Huizenga

Two Young Women Having an Aperitivo; copyright Jann Huizenga

Roman Man on Bench under Graffiti; copyright Jann Huizenga


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PS: If you go, you must know this about Rome: An inexpensive alternative to dinner is having an aperitivo at a bar sometime between 6pm and 9pm. You can get a drink and LOTS of delicious nibbles (chicken wings, sausage, mini-pizzas, salads, deep-fried veggies, etc) for under €10 . A real deal. Trastevere is a good place to find such bars, but they’re all over town.



26 comments to Cocktail Hour with a Roman Twist

  • Andrea

    I love how even in denim shorts and a white t-shirt, an Italian woman still looks so elegant and put-together!! Bella!!

    • Jann

      Yeah, how do they do it???? It’s something you have to learn from babyhood on, I think. I cannot believe how interested Sicilian 2-year-olds are in shoes, for instance!

    • Andrea

      I can wear a skirt and blouse and still feel like a frumpy-frump!! I guess I just don’t have “the look.”

    • Jann

      Now, now, Andrea, eradicate that frumpy-frump thought from your head, radiate self-confidence, and then you’ll get the Italian “look!”

  • Sam

    Its only 7am here, but now I’m ready for a cocktail!

  • Jann, we should all relax in the same fashion! You have to love that about Italians–they know how to enjoy life! Now that I’m headed to Spain for the summer (and the cheap wine and sangria!) I plan to kick back and enjoy myself as well. It’s time. It’s been one heck of a year and I need to recharge my mental batteries. Someday I hope to join the beautiful people of Rome and enjoy my vino astride a pink Vespa! How I love that first shot! Magnificent! 🙂

    • Jann

      A pink Vespa would absolutely suit you, Bella. I’m sure you could even manage to drive it while sipping your wine. Enjoy Spain!!! (I know you will, and I’ll love your blogs from there…)

  • You, my dear, are the photo queen! You rock! Your pictures are spot on. Love it. I’m jonesing for Rome right now. Just booked to return in November. Enjoy.

    • Jann

      Ah, Rosann, you’re sweet come sempre. I’m so glad you’ve already booked for your return trip! You are a true amante of Roma.

  • Anitre

    How civilised!

  • Fantastic post Jann! The aperitivo is made for the Italian summer, e non solo….. Along with the siesta. I love the man on the bench shot with the graffiti. But those immaculate men in the top shot are the last word! Jxx

    • Jann

      Thank you, Janine! I laughed at your “immaculate men…”

      Yes, first siesta (a very very long one needed in this heat), then aperitivo (also must be long due to heat.) All followed by a leisurely dinner.

  • sandee wheeler

    Similar to Spain! That is how we ate our way through Southern Spain, and, there were wonderful olives at every bar!

  • Bravissima!! I can’t wait to get to Italy in the warm weather! 🙂

    • Jann

      🙂 Ciao bella, I would think after Fiji you’d want to escape to cooler climes, but I can’t wait till you join those of us sizzling in the frying pan that is Italy!

  • Nancy

    Hmmm, wish I had known that last year. We rented an apartment in Trastevere and there was a bar across the street. Only went there in the morning for espresso.
    No worries. Will go back and check it out eventually.

    • Jann

      Nancy, some of the bars advertise the aperitivo as “buffet” but you just need to poke your head into a bar to see if they’ve got the food lined up on the counter. (It should be real food, not just peanuts and potato chips.)

  • –I looooove how the Italians DO IT <3

    And I loooooove how you do it, too, Jann.
    –A question: Could we have a post of some of the beeeeeeautiful Italian MEN (young & old)?!! xxxx

    • Jann

      Thank you, Kim! And in response to your question: Thanks for the idea, and they are coming up sometime real soon! xxxxxxx

  • I feel the heat, I taste the spritz and I long to be in Rome again. I love that man you snapped looking right at us. Thanks, as always.

    • Jann

      Bonnie, thank YOU for reading and commenting. So glad you can “feel the heat and taste the spritz.”

  • Does the glass of wine come with a scooter? I’d like one of those, please.

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