My Men in Rome (Slideshow)

June 23, 2012

OK, girls. You asked for it: I give you a legion of Roman men, circa June 2012.

(Yes, that’s me looking smitten at the Roman cop.)


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39 comments to My Men in Rome (Slideshow)

  • Sam

    Just to let you know – I’m using a MacBook Pro, and the slideshow works fine.

    • Jann

      Sam, thanks. Not sure if it’s a browser issue or computer issue or something else altogether.

  • Alas, I am one of the many who can’t see all the photos. I’ve tried on 2 different computers and accessed the site directly and through my email. No go. However, I love the pic of you and Mr. Policeman. You have a way of getting personal shots. Great stuff.

  • Margo

    I’m glad I got to see them all. Old and young, all beautiful. You always find the best to photograph! Or else you
    just work magic with whatever you photograph.

  • Anitre

    O mio Dio! How on earth did you manage to pap these guys? Your photo with the cop is sweet. Brava!

    • Jann

      Well, Anitre, paparazzi I am not, but these guys were just basically standing around in Rome and I just ask if I can shoot them. Italians seem to love getting their pictures taken, which makes it easy…

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann, I was not disappointed with your failed experiment, probably because I’m not interested in mem, however seeing your lovely face made your experiment a complete success. As always,love your blog

  • vicki

    Oh darn, I am among those who can not see the other great Men of Rome.
    And I just got my first cup of coffee to sit down and enjoy the view from Rome.
    Must be fate.

  • Jann, you went to Roma for the handsome guys but Dolce & Gabbana went to Sicily for all of the models who walked their show in Milano this week. Not one professional model and all Sicilian!

  • —Jann,
    I am sooo upset. I cannot click onto the other photos. I’ve tried and tried. Damn.

    I hope I can see them soon! I want see the guy with the curly hair that everybody is talking about.

    I adore the first photo, though, of you and the police man. You are beautiful, Jann. Quite European <3 xx

  • Andrea

    How do you see all the photos?? I’m clicking on the arrow, but nothing is happening!

    • Jann

      So sorry, Andrea. This was an “experiment”–using a slide-show plug-in from my blog server. I’m not sure why the arrows don’t work for some. 🙁

  • sandee wheeler

    Eye Candy! I, too, am lovin’ the guy with the curly hair!

  • Charlie

    I think the young guy with the shaved head and cigarette (on the cell/mobile) is hot. Hey, Jann, you are not exactly chopped liver either! You look like a movie star! Now,let’s move on to the beach! Charlie

    • Jann

      He seems to be all yours, Charlie, but I guess the curly-haired guy has been claimed. Ha ha about the movie star comment–those big glasses hide all the wrinkles.

  • Jann!!!!! What a collection! Great photos. It has to be said, the Italians know what makes the world go around. Men, women, un caffe’, un aperitivo….a little music.. Your ragazzi kind of sum that all up for me! Brava e bela come sempre! Jx

  • These are all great portraits. Obviously you charmed the men with those hot red-framed sunglasses and gorgeous smile. Now I know your secret to getting those lingering looks in the eyes of your subjects! I must be getting old (or maybe wise), but I think I’ll pass on taking on any of these rare Roman specimens. (Speci-mens?)

    • Jann

      Ha, Lynne, “speci-mens!” You have such a way with words. As they say here, something like “guardare ma non toccare.” Look but don’t touch.

  • Cathy

    Wonderful pics Jann! I’m with Cat, that pretty young thing with the luscious eyes (I’m a sucker for pretty eyes!) and the flowing curls….well, he just about makes this 50+yrs old lady melt…the hint of a smile, full of promises… *sigh* The sweetie in the helmet, looks very promising also!

    Seriously though Jann, you seem to have captured the soul of them all in your portraits..such a talent you have. Thank you for brightening a very wet day here, a ray of sunshine after a very stressful week!

    • Jann

      Hi Cathy! Sorry about your hard week, and glad you like this. (A wet day there? Sounds delicious. Send some of that rain to Italy. PLEEEEZE!!!!)

  • Aida

    Come bello

  • Cat

    ps love your shades!

  • Cat

    ho-ly hotness!
    #5 with the dreamy eyes and curls almost made me pass out.
    great shots, all.

  • amy

    Great selection! My favorite was the young guy with the curly hair. Yes, please! I love the juxtaposition of the guy in the tux against the old wall. I love the sweet old man. Always a treat to see your post land in my in-box. I read every single one.

    • Jann

      Amy, thank you so much for your comment, and for reading all my posts. xxxxxxxHugs from Sicily.

  • picture gallery will not forward to view other photo’s…..thank you

    • Jann

      So sorry, Judy! This is the first time I put up a slideshow on my blog, so I guess the experiment was not completely successful. Thank you so much for your comment & letting me know!

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