Roman Daddies

June 21, 2012

Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy!

I’ve heard Italian women complain about their husbands’ lack of involvement in childcare, and a recent study found that Italian fathers dedicate only 45 minutes a day to children on average, less than in other parts of Europe.

However, I’m noticing lots of Roman daddies out and about alone with their kids. Way to go, guys!

Roman Father and Daughter in Rome, Italy; copyright Jann Huizenga

Roman Father and Child; copyright Jann Huizenga

Roman Father with Son in Rome, Italy; copyright Jann Huizenga

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25 comments to Roman Daddies

  • Andrea

    Have you ever seen this youtube video of a little Italian boy who loves Led Zeppelin? And, look how stylin’ he is in his little denim jacket!

    • Jann

      Andrea, we loved that! Thank you. I’d say that baby is going to grow up to be a musician!

  • lucia

    oh mamma mia, Jann , <i don't know
    don't you find any place to subscribe in my home page? I'll check it
    buona serata

  • ciao Jann…your compliments make me happpyyyyyyyy!
    Your blog is beautiful..I simply try , from my perspective, to watch Sicily trhough my tourists’ eyes…
    to read your blog it sounds very interesting to me..and your photos are really bellissime….parlano da sole!!!

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann, And the winner is Lucia, the number one corect answer. Jann, your a wonder.

    • Jann

      Ciao John–Lucia’s comment is really interesting, and the fact that you agree is even more interesting. Why in your opinion would men only learn to appreciate child-rearing after divorce????

  • Linda

    The men here make grand gestures with the children out in public, much more affection shown and lavish amounts of money spent on the newest gear from Chicco but the hard core day to day grind is done by the women. Another reason you may see more men out alone with the kids here is that so many are unemployed (at least here in Sicily) and the wife is the one off working.
    What I love to see is that unlike the USA and UK the elderly here are not shut up in nursing homes, the children not swept off to bed or nannies by 6 pm and the teenagers with still hold a conversation with an “old” person over 35. All the ages mix and live together and it is what is missing in modern culture. We have more gangs of 80 somethings out on the street than teenagers. Good place to grow old or be a baby!

    • Linda

      will never change my attitude towards the child on the scooter sans helmet!

    • Jann

      Yes, Linda–I picked that up too! Isn’t there a law????

    • Jann

      Great insights, Linda. Thanks!!!!! I agree with you about growing old in a place like Sicily (though it seems the men have it the best–hanging out with their old buddies at the circolo).

  • Quality if not quantity maybe Jann…… I see lots of Italian men absolutely smitten with their children – even when they’re almost all grown up! And children with their fathers….Beautiful spontaneous shots Jann. Great work. You do Italian fatherhood proud! Bacio. xx

  • —Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy– HOW TRUuuE.

    Jann, Loooove the photos of these Italian men w/ their children…especially the first one…I mean, look how he’s looking at his sweet little daughter in that sweet little dress!!

    Priceless. Xxx Kisses, Sweets.

  • Jann, I would have thought Italian men to be more vested in their children. In any case, I agree with Lucia–many men, from any nationality, tend to discover fatherhood due to divorce. That said, these photos are wonderful proof that fortunately, not all men are stingy with the time they spend with their kids! Love these shots! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nancy Hersch

    They don’t sound any different than American daddies to me

    • Jann

      Hmmmm. American daddies were not included in the study, so not sure how they would compare…

  • I wonder why that is? Did the study give reasons?

    • Jann

      No reason was given why Italy lags behind other European countries in this respect, but the Italian authors of the study say this:

      Education level, the number of working hours, and their combination between partners have a considerable role in shaping gender roles with special regard to child care

  • aida

    45 min, well thats not too bad, the average housewife gets 18 min of conversation a day and its off to the T.V. clicker after dinner…. or in ROME the soccer game, I remember……… LOL

  • unfortunately it’s true….only a few daddies take care of their children……
    mostly they do when they become separated or divorced men..

    only then, most of them discover the joy and benefits of having children

    • Jann

      Thank you, Lucia, for your Sicilian woman’s perspective. By the way, I’m so glad to discover your blog about Sicily. It’s great! And the picture of you and the roll of hay looks just like Sicily right now!!

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