Heat Like Hellfire

August 24, 2012

A wind calledย Lucifero, Lucifer, is blowing heat like hellfire across Sicily (and the rest of Italy).

Is this what it’s like to live with climate change?

They say it’s the last and worst heatwave of the summer before rain and cool winds from the Alps bring relief.ย Can’t wait to see summer in the rearview mirror.

(Thank heavens for the sea.)

Boats in Scoglitti harbor, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Scoglitti Harbor, Sicily


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40 comments to Heat Like Hellfire

  • Hey, it has been quite hot in Southern Italy this year, I cannot lie. However, I would trade a whole year of this heat for…Have you ever been out and about in Houston in August? Makes this year’s Italian summer feel like the top step on the ladder down to the Hell which is southern Texas, 100% humidity and 110 degrees!! I love that in Italy you can almost always get relief by just stepping into the shade.

    • Jann

      Sandra, I have not had the pleasure of experiencing Houston in August, so I’ll count my blessings. Thanks for the perspective!

  • dennisberrypoetry.com

    We watch Montalbano on Idaho Public TV. It has been very hot in Walla Walla.

    • Jann

      Really, Dennis? You see SALVO and MIMI all the way over in little ole Walla Walla? By the way, you have the best town name ever!

  • maria

    Jann. I was in Sicily once before visiting my cousins. Was so excited to go back. I fell in love with the place, the people, the food and their joy in each other.I lov reading your blog as it keeps Sicily close. Thanks foryour beautiful observations and insight.

    • Jann

      Maria, it must be a very special experience to find “long-lost” cousins in Sicily!!! Sicilians always assume that I arrived in Sicily because of family ties, and they’re surprised when I tell them I don’t have one drop of Italian blood…

  • Nina

    Oh Jann, By the Way, Punta Secca is where my Grandma and Grandpa were from. It is a beautiful area, and they are probably laughing in heaven about this show.

  • Nina

    Got back from Briatico,Calabria mid July. It was very Hot then. Going back end of September, and will embrace the Heat with our creature comforts,”AIR CONDITION”. God forbid, there is an electric power outage, you will find me camped out at my Beach.This is why God created the ocean. People in the US would give their eye teeth, and the UNBEARABLE HEAT , for the chance to live La Dolce Vita in Sicily.I feel truly blessed I have a HEAT BOX in Italy.

  • maria

    I just got home from 2 weeks near Milazzo. It was blazing hot. I have been reading these posts to prepare for my visit with family. So much of the observations were spot on especially the fans. I bought one in Taormina. Granita helped! I miss Sicily already. Thanks for the awesome stories.

    • Jann

      Maria, thank you for visiting the blog & for this lovely comment. I’m so glad you had a great time in spite of the heat. Was it your first visit???

  • Larry May

    Readers of the blog may like to know that BBC FOUR has begun broadcasting Series Two of “Inspector Montalbano,” a Sicilian crime story. It is very well done. Subtitles. Not new but timless. Saturday nights at 9pm.

    It is interesting to the blog because much of the programme is filmed in Ragusa Ibla and Punte Secca and we get to see how nice it is.

    • Jann

      Larry–thank you for this!!!! I’ve watched all of Montalbano, and have often seen the crew filming in Ragusa Ibla. Highly recommended, especially for lovers of southeast Sicily! BTW, Larry–are you in England? Does BBC Four broadcast in the US?

  • cemal karahan

    Oh,Jann…You aren’t in the polar region…! Sicily has to welcome Lucifer most of the time , I quess..! We experienced that in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, which is supposed to be cooler than the rest of the country…! I hear the footsteps of upcoming Autumn here in Ankara….! By the way, nice place and nice photo….! Take care, Jann…!

  • The end of the heat is hopefully in sight Jann. I feel for you but I know you would be making the best of it. The sublime photo of the harbour is so peaceful looking…such a contrast to Lucifero’s huffing and puffing. Jxx

  • Larry May

    Scoglitti is one of my favourite places…Just say Sakalleo.

    • Jann

      It’s odd, though, Larry, that people in Ragusa do not like Scoglittli because it is, they say, “the beach for Vittoria.” Can you believe I’ve never eaten at Sakalleo. I must!!! And soon. (Did you read Robert Camuto’s book that started with his meal there?)

  • zioronnie

    My grandparents complained about the hot summers and the saharan wind blowing up from Africa. California has been hot the last few weeks too. We’re ready for the autumn.

  • Angelo

    Leaving for Sicily Sept. 2…praying for cooler weather but I’m ready for the heat…maybe it’s Etna acting up. I’m not far from the beach!

    • Jann

      Angelo–thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful time!!! Buon viaggio!!! Slight cooling trend on the way if the weather forecast is to be believed.

  • Mike Amato

    A friend from Provence France said it was 104ยฐ there now.
    What’s going to happen to all the crops if this keeps up?

    • Jann

      Hi Mike–Wow–I didn’t realize Provence was burning up too. Not sure yet about how much crops have suffered….

  • vicki carol


    I don’t care if it is that HOT. That picture still makes me want to be there, I would just design a hat with a place to put ice cubes.

  • B e a t i f u l
    C a l m
    I love the reflection on the water.

    Xxx Kisses for you, Sweet Jann. Make yourself a nice COOL drink.

  • John Ferguson

    I think I’m going to need another granita Jann! Missing Sicily more each day. Great photo!

    • Jann

      You’re going to have to make your own granita, John. Did you bring a suitcase of lemons back with you???

  • Jann, the heat was abominable in Spain and I was grateful for the slight breeze that would blow on the terrace during the early morning hours and late evening. I think this is the reason I spent so much time in the water and am now sporting a tan that is ten shades darker than my natural color! That said, this gorgeous shot invokes an amazing state of well being! By the way I was unable to comment on some of your older posts because the comments were closed but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the “ice” post! The chocolate granita had me salivating! In Spain, we enjoyed “granizados” which come in many flavors and quite resemble the Italian granitas. I never thought to dip bread in it though! I must try that next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stay indoors and stare at this gorgeous picture on your computer screen while slurping something cold and waving a fan in front of your face (if you can’t find scantily clad Sicilianos to wave palm leaves).

  • Jann,

    A beautiful photo. Try to stay cool.


  • lucy

    Oh that’s not good. My sister is visiting and my aunt has no air in the bedrooms. I’m sure she’s lost more then 6lbs of water weight that she claimed two weeks ago. I’m sure she is at the beach everyday too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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