Stoop-sittin’ in Sicily

August 21, 2012

What could be more summertime than stoop sitters?

Summertime Stoop Sitters in Southeast Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Summertime Stoop Sitter in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Summertime Stoop Sitter in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Summertime Stoop Sitters in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Summertime Stoop Sitters in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

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36 comments to Stoop-sittin’ in Sicily

  • Timeless scenes and wonderful, expressive photos. You really engage the subjects and capture so much of their personalities in a very natural presentation.

  • Charlie

    Love the pictures. Having been in Modica for five days last September, these pictures bring the memories of that great trip back. It’s likely going to be a couple of more years before I can make it back to Italy, but your posts just make it certain that when I do, Sicily will be part of the itinerary.

    • Jann

      Charlie, I am very sure that the modicani loved having you in their white town. Hope to see you back soon!!!

  • I love these photos of stoop sitters! Every face tells a story. I find myself staring at noses, eyes, and mouths, wondering if any of these people are related to me, way back in my line!

  • So poignant Jann. This post makes me smile and gives me goose bumps. Being from Sicilian stock, you sometimes wonder how things might have been, you know?

  • The first photo literally caused to gasp. SOOOO beautiful. I have precious few pictures of my childhood and one is a photo of my two older brothers and I sitting on the stoop of our place in the projects of Buffalo. Thanks for bringing that memory back. I love the fan on the lap of the little one in photo 3. You are truly gifted with portraits. You capture so much more than images. Thanks.

    • Jann

      Rosann, thank YOU for your kind comments. So many fans (Spanish-style) came out this summer in Sicily that I thought I was in old Spain!

  • catherine billups

    By the way, my house is the one attached to the left of that of Sig.ra Gullo, number 3. In fact, at one time it was one house. I love via Fratelli Ragusa and the stoop sitters. Wonderful neighbors.

  • catherine billups

    I recognized my neighbor on my street Via Fratelli Ragusa in Noto. I will have to forward this to another neighbor who goes on line. great photographs. I hope that you had time to stop at Caffe Sicilia for a granita.

    • Jann

      Wow! Your neighbor! She is so sweet, and was such a willing subject, and photogenic. Of course I NEVER miss a chance to hang out a Caffe Sicilia, and believe me I always have a granita, and so much more…

  • Jill

    Jann, where did you take these? Girl #2 looks just like a friend of mine who lives in Modica.

    • Jann

      Hi Jill–the photos were taken (from top to bottom) in 1)Ferla 2)Ragusa Ibla 3)Noto 4)Ferla 5)Modica Alta 6)Modica Alta.

  • Fabulous portraiture!
    Thanks, Jann!

  • vicki carol

    Love the black and white, it captures the simple quiet time of the event.

    Summer at it’s end and the realization of it.


    • Jann

      Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s almost end August, but if that means the heat will soon subside, it’s a good thing!!! xxxxxx

  • Jann, it is so great to be back and finally be able to read your blog again! And what a post this is! These shots, I believe, are among your best! You’ve captured the emotions on the faces of these folk perfectly. I love, love them! My favorite, if forced to pick–what am I saying? I can’t pick cause they’re all so good! Lovely post, my friend! 🙂

  • sue

    beauty- all ages, faces and photos

  • Stoop Sittin’ I Like! I want to stoop sit, too.

    I am wondering what the 3 older women are taking about.
    Lost loves. Poetry. What they shall make for dinner.
    Can you ask them?

    Luv to you, Sweets. <3 Xx

    • Jann

      Knowing Sicilian women, Kim, my guess is they’re pontificating about all the great meals they’ve had and will have. Mostly about what to cook for tomorrow. I wish I had asked them!!! Luv back to you xxxxxxxx.

  • cemal karahan

    Cittaslow- slow towns are what we miss for a long time, Jann…These people are so lucky to have such silent hours ,chatting and watching people around. I don’t want to see life speed up.Hey, life and time…! Stay where you are…..! Don’t move, please….!

    • Jann

      🙂 Great new invented word, Cemal! Yes, SLOOOOOWWWWWWWWW is good. One reason for loving Sicily is that you go back a century. But then I know you can find that in the Turkish countryside, too….

  • Nancy

    Sicily is like the good old days in America. Maybe that’s why I love it there so much.

    • Jann

      Nancy, you’re right. If you’re nostalgic for the mid-1900s, or even earlier, you can still find it in Sicily.

  • Emalene

    Love it. It reminds me of growing up in an Italian-American neigborhood in New Jersey pre
    air-conditioning and TV or TV with 3 channels.
    Summer was so much more fun,

    • Jann

      In Sicily, we’re still pretty much pre-air con, Emalene. Lots of cold showers instead. Sicilians don’t use dryers either, so really they’re are very eco-friendly (except for their love of cars). Yes, it’s great to see people sitting out on the street.

  • Sam

    Great photos, but in previous posts you show the streets being about as wide as a Fiat with folded-in mirrors. Aren’t these people in danger of getting toes squashed and knees bumped from passing traffic?

    • Jann

      Well, Sam, there are some lanes that get little traffic, and this is where you see the stoop sitters. Or on stoops of houses situated on staircases…Thanks for your comment!

  • Barbara Valenti

    I loved sitting on the stoop and visiting with those who passed by. Sometimes we would crack almonds, in season of course, and sometimes we would just sit. How pleasant in the evening.

    • Jann

      Barbara, where exactly did you do your stoop sitting??? Lovely the image of cracking almonds while chatting with passersby.

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