Summer Stylin’ in Sicily

September 5, 2012

L’onuri รจ fattu a li robbi.

Sicilian proverb: Honor is determined by your dress.


Summer is running out of steam. Before nostalgia sets in, here is a quick glimpse at what they were wearing this season. And speaking of clothing, Deboraย Lo Magno from a few posts ago was very touched by your comments. She sends you a note:

Ciao a tutti!

Sono Debora.

Grazie per tutti i vostri commenti sul mio abito.

ย (To speed up the 10-image slideshow, click on the photo to make the next one appear. Hope it works this time!)

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26 comments to Summer Stylin’ in Sicily

  • Jann, I love Italian fashion style! I’m afraid me and my pajama pants fashion would be denied entry to la bella Italia! Although, in all honesty, I did make a layover in Milan not so long ago and I wasn’t shunned from the airport lounge. If I recall correctly, I was wearing a quasi fashionable pair of distressed jeans at the time. ha! I love, love the photo where the man is holding the balloons! And how fashionable is that lovely lady in the short blue dress! Swoon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anitre

    Fab photos! I love wearing my heels and platforms when I’m back in Sicily. It just seems so right. Brava, Jann!

    • Jann

      Anitre–I know exactly what you mean. Part of the reason Sicily is fun is that you can dress up! Of course, I never have exactly the right duds, but foreigners are forgiven…


    We were also non guests having coffee on the terrace. The phone rang and the bartender called someone from pool side, it was Tom. When he got off the phone i asked if he was an American he said “you bet I am”. I said be careful Palermo is risky business for an American unless your a Top Gun. He smiled and returned to the pool.


    Also Grand Hotel Villa Igiea. We met Tom Cruise there in 1989.

    • Jann

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, if both you and Tom like it, Dennis,it must be great! I once had coffee on their terrace, and I can say it (and the view) was wonderful. Pricey for sure!

  • Oops, I meant the one with the balloons makes me laugh.

  • Wonderful photos, esp the woman with unseen face and the last one which makes me laugh.


    Katheen and Jann,
    Splendid Hotel La Torre. Near Via Elisabetta Aiutami Cristo, Mondello.

  • katheen bennett

    Mi dispace. It was a breach of etiquette and I should have known to look further into your site.
    I look forward to your postings every week. The photos are glorious and you really portray la gioia of Sicilian life!

    • Jann

      Hi Kathleen–Absolutely no breach of etiquette!!! Not to worry. You’re so sweet…. Maybe one of my readers will have an idea for an interesting place to stay near Monreale–anyone????

  • katheen bennett

    Enjoy your site. Trying to plan a week in Sicily during October, this year. Any recommedations for an historic hotel/agriturismo close to Monreale? We are coming into Palermo and want to stay in the area for 2 nights.

  • HOw lovely. Love the guys with hats. So many lovely, stylin’ people. Great job, as always. Slide show worked great.

  • My eyes have had a beautiful feast.

    Ooooo, I sooo much looove.

    My fave. dress is the very short blue w/ millions of ruffles.

    Ohhh Laaa Laaa.

    LOoove flowing directly to you, Jann. XxxxxxxxxOOOOO

    • Jann

      You would look great in that dress Kim. And she was wearing tall pink shoes–very YOU! xxxxxxx Love back to youxxxxxxx

  • Slideshow works fine for me. Beautiful photos — so glad I stopped by to see them!

  • Sam

    The slideshow works well. My favorite image is of the little girl in pink stripes on the steps – I strike that same pose myself, several times a day.

  • Jann, you’ve captured southern style – or should that be Sicilian style – so beautifully. An absolutely real and fascinating collection of gorgeous, real people living life as it should be lived. With passion and joy. Brava!!!!

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