My Quirky Village, Part 2 (Lions Galore)

October 11, 2012

A pride of lions and lionesses populate the village.

Sometimes it seems there are more of you than us…

What’s your story, Leo? Are you a leftover symbol of the Ancient Greek colonies on Sicily? (Hercules slew a lion, didn’t he?) Or do you come from Sicily’s Norman period, when your lion’s head was the symbol of the Hauteville’s?

Stone lion fountain in Ragusa Ibla, copyright Jann Huizenga

Stone Lion Fountain in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Lion Fountain in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Stone Fountain and Steps in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Lion door knocker in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Have you seen the majestic lions and lionesses of Sicily?

Do you know anything about them? Please educate me, dear Reader.


P.S. One of my readers, an Irishman (I love the Irish!!!!) sent me this photo of a lion door in Palermo. It’s not just any door! It’s the door of a fabulous-looking palazzo, a B&B he recommends called Butera 28. It seems reasonably priced, is owned by a duke and duchess, and is listed in 1000 Places to See Before You Die. Thank you, dear Reader, for this great tip.

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28 comments to My Quirky Village, Part 2 (Lions Galore)

  • Jann that image of the lady with the lion is wonderful. I love the reflection of this ancient symbol, both the male and female and the look on her face gives so little away. Once you notice your first lion you will see them everywhere, now you will have me looking.
    ciao love lisa

  • Oh, my, that woman would have frightened me off! She looks like she can handle most anything that comes her way. I like the second lion in profile — reminds me of the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz!

  • I love the lions Jann. When my husband and I were in Ragusa Ibla in July I took a few pictures of the lions myself. What a beautiful place you live in!

  • Oh my goodness–no words necessary for that last picture! I am woman–hear me roar. I’ve heard of people coming to resemble each other after living together a long time, or dog-owners having a similar demeanor to their pets–but to bear a striking resemblance to one’s door-knocker?!

  • Other than the fact that they look fantastic in your shots, I don’t know anything about the lions of Sicily. Sigh. I need to get out more. ha! That said, I’ll be reading follow up comments on this blog post so as to educate myself on the subject! 🙂

  • Sicilians I know are all as proud as lions jann, come to think of it. Could that be the connection???? 😉 Intanto le foto sono squisite, specialmente l’ultima… The signora has the most amazing stare, full of wisdom too. Love it! x

    • Jann

      Yes, proud as lions! I’ll never forget a Sicilian defining for me what it is to be Sicilian: “it is to have a burning pride inside… etc” Thanks for commenting, Janine.

  • Lena

    La Signora is really – The Lioness! What an amazing face and photo, love it!

    I think maybe the lion has something to do with being the symbol of Marcus the evangelist and as a symbol for the king. The lion represents ferocity, nobility and regal courage in heraldry.

    “God and the King are watching you – beware!!!” …..

    (I’m just guessing my best here.)

  • what did you think of the debates?

    A proposal for a book?

    • Jann

      Kim, I am of the same political persuasion as you, so re the debates, I’m guessing we agree! Re your second question, yes. Quite scary things, proposals.

  • Anitre

    Lovely photos as always! I think la signora has a roar of her own. Leonora!

  • The beauty is in the details, no? I love it.

  • Love this!! No insight yet but I’ll start asking around…in the meantime I PAINTED (and sculpted) that exact lion fountain in Ibla! Thought you might like to see!! Enjoy! : ]

  • I love love love the last photo. Did she let you inside, Jann? She is beautiful.

    How are you, Jann? Tell me what you are reading, watching, writing, eating…. xxxxxxxxxx

    • Jann

      Thanks, Kim. She did not invite me inside, but she was very happy to pose. To answer some of your Qs: Reading: DH Lawrence’s Sea and Sardinia (for the 2nd time) after giving up on some Alice Munro stories. Her stories are so highly praised as “perfect” by people I respect, but for some reason her characters don’t pull me in. Watching: the debates. Writing: a proposal (ugh!). Eating: everything in sight.

  • Cathy

    I love the older lady at the end… Is she annoyed? No, I think I can see a hint of a smile on those lips… Her eyes, are they hard or sparkling? They have seen so much… Is she asking “Why is this strange but lovely blond lady taking my picture??”? 🙂

    Also intriguing are the stairways… I wish I was on them, to see where they go, what awaits me at the top??

    Hope all is well with you Jann… thought of you today when I pulled the remaining impoverished carrots from my garden lol…. Had a few for our Thanksgiving dinner last weekend, very good. Still must try your recipe though.


    • Jann

      Ciao Cathy! Oh, I forgot that your Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend. (I must start to celebrate both Thanksgivings because I love it so much.) Thanks for dropping a comment.

  • Nancy

    Love the antiquity.

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