Addio, 2012

December 28, 2012

It’s not even gone, and I’m already nostalgic.

2012 will be abandoned like an old Sicilian house. Cobwebs of memory will trail over  bleached walls. Doubts will creep in. Ghosts will whisper. A new generation will carve initials into decaying walls they don’t understand.

Farewell sorbet-pink days. Farewell sunlit skies. Farewell sweet grasses.

Abandoned house in Sicily with Pink Walls, Copyright Jann Huizenga

Must you push us out so soon, 2012? Can’t we linger in your embrace a little longer?

What awaits us through those dusty green doors?

Addio, 2012.

Old Green Doors in Abandoned House in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga


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22 comments to Addio, 2012

  • Lady, the sentiment you express in this post tugs at my heart strings! You are a romantic, amica! I love how perfectly the photos represent the aging year. Personally, I was “shooing” 2012 out the door mightily. It has not been a good year and I’m hoping 2013 will treat me kindly. I hope this new year brings you love, good health, and laughter! 🙂

    • Jann

      Bella, may you have a better year in 2013! I cannot say that my year was perfect–far from it–BUT I always want to stop the clock.

  • If that lushly overgrown pink room represents 2012 I well understand the urge to linger longer there. It holds such life, romance, sadness, and well-imagined memories. I would like to pull up my rocking chair and sit there amidst the beautiful ruins of the past, watching the brash young New Year approach before getting up to go dancing with the upstart across the green hills beyond.
    Wishing you all the best of what you love most in the New Year and beyond!

    • Jann

      Ciao louciao–what a lovely comment! I love the “dancing with the upstart!” Well, I always have a problem with Time marching on–so although 2012 was was far from perfect, it’s hard to say goodbye. However, if it involves dancing with an upstart across the green hills, now THAT sounds enticing!

  • cara Jann, I hope that behind those doors you’ll find “un anno splendido”..
    here is Sicily there’s a way of saying : Si ciuri ‘na porta e s’apri un purtuni! ?
    that is we wait for a better year…e magari ci conosceremo di persona bevendo una deliziosa cioccolata calda e mangiando dolcetti siciliani. Auguri

    • Jann

      Cara Lucia,
      I have just posted this lovely saying on my Facebook page, along with a link to your site. Si, si spero che in 2013 ci conosceremo!! Mmmm, cioccolata calda!

  • Ah Jann, you are a poet at heart!

  • Beautiful as always Jann! and… very thought provoking too! 🙂 “Felice anno nuovo” to you both and ci vediamo presto!

  • Jann I’m fascinated by the idea of comparing a year with a house you love. At least take heart from the fact that we all have to move out together…. I hope your nostalgia is all because your 2012 had been full of happy times and good cheer. May the new year be even brighter and bring you closer to all your heart desires. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource and font of constant beauty and inspiration. Jxxx

    • Jann

      Janine, as ever you’re troppo amorosa!!! 2012 has been uh, very lovely in some respects, but far from perfect. But I always regret Time passing. And may you too find happiness in 2013. Will your year include a move to Italy???? Much love.

  • Sam

    Here’s hoping you find brighter sunlit skies and more lush sweet grasses in 2013!!

  • Angelo

    Buon anno! Happiness and Health to you.

    • Jann

      Ciao Angelo–Grazie mille and the very best to you for 2013. By the way, you are blessed with such a gorgeous name!!! It seems to fit you so well.

  • –Farewell sorbet-pink days. Farewell sunlit skies. Farewell sweet grasses.–

    what awaits behind the green door?

    I hope it is love & peace & God.

    Gorgeous post, Jann. Xxxxxxx Kissssses from Duluth, MN.

    • Jann

      I hope so too, Kim. Let’s hear it for lots of love behind that green door. Sending a big warm hug to you all the in snowy Duluth.

  • Why, oh why, must people deface beauty? I will never understand. My heart aches to see such wanton abuse.

  • you saved your best post for the end of the year. pictures poetry my favorite i will go back to this post often.
    “Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower” WORDSWORTH

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