Buon Natale

December 24, 2012


Buon Natale Means Merry Christmas to You
Buon Natale, to Everyone
Happy New Year and Lots of Fun

Buon Natale May All Your Wishes Come True
Buon Natale in Italy Means
A Merry Christmas to You

Far Away Across the Sea
In Sunny Italy
There’s a Quaint Little Town
Not a Clock Has Been Wound
For Over a Century

They Don’t Know the Time Or Year
And no One Seems to Care
And This Is the Reason
The Christmas Season
Is Celebrated All Year

Buon Natale, Means Merry Christmas to You
Buon Natale, to Everyone
Happy New Year and Lots of Fun
Buon Natale May All Your Wishes Come True
Buon Natale in Italy Means
A Merry Christmas to You


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21 comments to Buon Natale

  • Jann, this post was such a lovely gift to your readers! I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful captures! I’m so sorry I’m late to the party. This past month has been quite hectic and I took an unplanned hiatus from the blogosphere. Nevertheless, I’m so glad I was able to read and witness your beautiful photos. They are all so beautiful! The one of the two beautiful girls dressed in Santa Claus costumes is stunning! Such beauties! And the desserts! Oh my! To live in Italy! Ahh…..I sigh at the thought! Kisses! 🙂

  • I cannot see your photos. DOGGONE IT!

    But I wanted to wish you love love love for 2013, dearest Jann. Xx

  • Charlie

    Merry Christmas Jann. Thank you for all the pictures and stories you post. They are the best gift one can have while they await a return visit to Sicily.

    • Jann

      Charlie, you’re so sweet. And may I thank you for your many lovely comments in 2012? I love it when you stop by.

  • John Schinina

    Ciao, Jann,
    Buon Natale to you also. When I was Seventeen I spent the summer in Ragusa,Ibla, I never forgot it and dream of living my life there. Your blog is so passionate, with the news and the stories of that wonderful city. I never got over the aroma’s that pour out into the streets and the fragrant from the Fig trees. Its a never ending dream which I hope I can make it real.

    • Jann

      John, John, John!!!! Well, I don’t know how old you are now, but I’m sure it’s been much too long since you last visited! I think it would lots of fun to have you in the village, and the villagers would love having you around. The fig trees are still there, and the ever-present aroma of jasmine and lemon.

  • Linda

    Buon Natale to you! It was 66F here in Siracusa today but the snow visible(from here) on Mt Etna was pretty! sent you a pic. I am sure you cannot wait to get “home”

  • snowing in walla walla white christmas morning just Jolene and i. all 5 children and grand children coming. Jann may you have a merry christmas and a happy new year

  • Maria Clayton

    Buon Natale Jann all the way from Valentine NSW Australia (down Under). While you’ve had a cold Christmas, our Christmas day was extremely wet and on the cool side (unlike the past hot and dry Christmases we usually have.

    Thank you for the wonderful photos and looking forward to the new year.

    Ciao, Maria Clayton

  • Grazie Jann! I love the photo essay. It’s so real and so much poetry all at once…Thank you for being my window on Sicily. I love every post! Buon natale e buon appetito! x

  • So festive and delightful and varied. Warm wishes for a merry-most Christmas and heavenly New Year. Prosecco anyone?

  • Wishing you the merriest of Christmastime. I love the photos. Have a wonderful holiday and safe entrance into the new year.

  • Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year.

  • Cathy

    Beautiful pics, I so wish I was there! Buon Natale to you and all your family Jann. Thank you for feeding my obsession with Italy all year round!

  • Josephine

    Auguri per un Buon Santo Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo pieno di pace e bene.
    Grazie Jann per il tuo sempre gradito blog. Mando un abbraccio per te e un bacio per la mia Ibla.

  • Nancy

    Oh, the magic of Christmas in Italy. Buon Natale anche.

  • Angelo

    A sincere Merry Christmas e Buon Natale a mia cara, Jann! Auguro per te un nuovo anno felice!

  • sue gaughan

    Buon Natale to you Jann~ You have inspired me so! Sicily is now on my list of places in Italy to visit. I have been inspired by your photos and writing -now I must visit!


  • Such lovely photos-thank you and a Merry Christmas to you!

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