A Fever in Sicily

March 28, 2013

A fever is sweeping the land.

A sweeping fever. A scrubbing fever.

I am feverish, too. I emptied out all my drawers. Strewed stuff over the kitchen floor. Got overwhelmed. Grabbed my camera and shut the door on the mess.

I’d rather wander about and watch Sicilians clean.

I found Lena, sweeping her head off. Much too busy to have more than a few words with me.

Spring cleaning in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Sweeping in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Spring cleaning in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Sweeping in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

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28 comments to A Fever in Sicily

  • Steve

    All you ladies refer to it as Spring cleaning, but it is obviously called Nesting. Through the WInter I get up on a Sunday morning
    and sit in my cosy book corner, overlooking our English cottage garden. As Spring arrives the first changes are that the
    birds become more active and vocal. In the dark, cold, Sunday mornings of Winter, as I sit and drink my coffee, everything is
    quiet in our cottage.
    But something strange happens when the clock springs forward that extra hour. My partner Jannie is up with the lark and
    before the last glug of the coffee. Machine has sounded. The washing machine has been forced into action. And I am being
    made to move because the vacuum cannot get past my slippers. I slink off to the study only to find that the Nesting commandos
    have been in there as well. Actually, it appears that they have just thrown a grenade into the room and moved on to their
    Next task.
    I sit here now, looking out onto the garden, this Sunday morning. The hum of the washing machine is coming from the bathroom.
    The blue tits are busy trying to gather debris to build their nest. And it is snowing.
    In Denmak it is -3 degrees. Be thankful for where you are and enjoy your Nesting.

    • Jann

      Ciao Steve! Your comment has put a big broad smile on my face. What lovely Sunday morning Nesting images you’ve given us. Grazie mille!!!! You’ve even made Denmark’s spring snow sound romantic… Buona domenica to you up there in the cold northern climes.

  • Jann, methinks Lena looks way too fabulous to be spring cleaning! You do not want to know what I wear when I clean! hee hee! I’m with Kim–the paint peeling from the walls leaves me sighing with nostalgia at the way things were long before time passed! Sigh. 🙂

    • Jann

      Well, you know, Bella, there’s “bella figura” here (named after you I guess), so you cannot be out in public looking like a slob. It gets kind of tiring to dress up all the time–even if you just want a couple of eggs at the store….

  • the quilts and the house match, and yes I had a mini spring clean just on me….we have a tiny sit down shower and no heating in the bathroom brrrr. Spring is such a beautiful season and perfect time for a clean xx

    • Jann

      Oh my gosh, Lisa–the spring cleaning on YOU doesn’t sound fun! 🙂
      Hope you get some heat in that bathroom by next winter. (I spent my time in hell without heat during my renovation, so I feel your pain)

  • Poor Lena, having to clean all dressed up! She looks just the way she’s supposed to, though — industrious, and making everything tidy again. Nothing quite like all those quilts airing out!

  • vicki carol

    I couldn’t help but wonder who carried those rugs out for her. My Scilian
    Mom at 95 and Americanized, says “Forget it and we’ll do it another day”.
    But I do find her scrubbing her kitchen floors with a broom and soapy
    water. Can’t take the Spring Clean out of her completely.

    • Jann

      Well, at 95, I think your mom is allowed to procrastinate when it comes to the heavy lifting. She scrubs the kitchen floor????? Bless her heart.

  • Love how the way people live is all out on display. And her intentness. Gorgeous photos!

  • Go Nonna!!!!! Love this Jann! Gives me the Spring clean fever, even in autumn! Buona Pasqua! xxx

  • sue gaughan

    love these photos–cleaning… not so much:)

  • Jann,

    It’s Spring !!!!! Nothing is more traditional for an Italian than a thorough Spring cleaning…it is in our genes…and when the task is completed it is AWE inspiring…..my Nonna always said after the cleaning (in Italian)…
    ‘Now we can live’…..

    • Jann

      Ah! Thank you for this Italian perspective, Francesco! It explains the frenzy all around me.It’s not just preparation for the Easter meal(s), but also the thorough spring scrubbing. Love that: “Now we can live!” 🙂

  • loved the photos + spring brings with it an urge to clean!Happy Thursday xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  • Sam

    Quarantine the island! Don’t let this fever spread to my shores!

  • She could come to my place…and bring some of that spring sun with her.

    • Jann

      Really–she was such a whirlwind of work and concentration that I wanted to invite her to my place too, to finish what I started.

  • The colors are a work of art. Thanks for continuing to share your discoveries.

  • I adore the paint peeling from the houses…
    it’s as if this reveals other lives, other worlds, new poems.

    Sending you love from MN, Jann. Xxxxxx

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