Debora, Redux (Part 2)

May 21, 2013

After Debora’s runway show, I wanted to photograph her in better lighting conditions. She arrived at my home one evening with an armload of her designer duds.

We shot outside on the street, the late sun pouring down like molten gold. She kept running back into the house to change.

The neighbors seemed curious. They hung from windows or gawped from cars.

Debora Lo Magno Collage, copyright Jann Huizenga


  • Debora takes her exams in Milan next month and will then be rarin’ to go as a bona fide stilista, fashion designer. 
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42 comments to Debora, Redux (Part 2)

  • Jann, these shots are nothing short of amazing! The shadow in the shots is spectacular! Debora is beautiful. Oh, to have such an amazing figura! 🙂

  • Jann, Fabulous fashion photography! Felicidades y buena suerte (must be similar in Italian) to the talented Debora!

    • Jann

      Thank you Aysha! “Buena suerte” must be “buona fortuna” in Italian… xxxxxxx Kisses to you.

  • Wow! Bellissima!!! She’s stunning, her designs are beautiful, and your shots are gorgeous! They would all fit in beautifully in any big fashion magazine. Get Anna Wintour on your speed-dial!

  • Liz

    It looks like you may have done the first real photo shoot for the designer label called “Debora”!
    She is a stunning little thing that knows how to design, and how to make it shine in a photo, dosen’t hurt that she is beautiful…and your photos, impressive, you really did miss your calling! When you have that party, I want an invite, I would definitely buy her from her line of clothing…Tell Debora, “America loves her”… Keep us updated on her progress…I do believe we will see her creations out there very soon!

    • Jann

      Liz–thanks for this very sweet comment. Debora is reading them all, so she’ll love to see that the America loves her. 🙂 OK, you’ll have to hop on a plane when we have the fashion party. xxxxxxxxx

  • –She is Stunning.
    I adore that aqua blue jacket.
    xxx Kisses for you, Lovely Jann.

  • Wow, Jann! What a “bella figura” and “fotografia straordinaria” !!! Debora’s work is gorgeous!

    • Jann

      Ciao Bella! Grazie mille! I told her someday maybe we could have a big girls’ party–she could model her clothes and take our orders. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  • Anitre M

    Amazing outfits! Buona fortuna Debra! Jann, have you ever thought about being a fashion photographer? I could see some of your photos featured in Donna Moderna magazine.

    • Jann

      🙂 Anitre, I had such a good time shooting her. In the middle of it I thought: “Darn, I’ve missed my true calling!”

  • Jann, now I love the jacket even more. Poetic touch. I also like the size of the self-covered buttons. I would definitely buy it.

    I also like how you’ve photographed it, against the turquoise door with the sunglasses.

  • Vicki Carol

    She is so talented and cute. You can see her excitement in your caring. Both such lovely ladies.

    • Jann

      Thanks Vicki.

      Debora just wrote a comment on the previous post so I’ll copy it here. She sends a kiss to everyone and invites anyone with a question to contact her via her email.

      Ciao a tutti!
      Grazie per tutti i vostri commenti, ma soprattutto un grazie va a Jann, che mi segue anche da lontano e crede in me!
      Per qualsiasi informazione potete contattarmi anche al mio indirizzo email: [email protected]
      Un bacio a tutti!
      A presto!

  • She’s so cute and pretty. Brava! Love the colour and detail on the jacket.

  • And hurrah for Debora and her success!

  • Your blog is really amazing. You are truly living another life, a second life and it is like an adventure to me. I look forward to catching up on more of your archives and your latest entries!

    • Jann

      Rebecca, thank you. So glad you found me. And I highly recommend your blog to my Italophile, photography-lovin’ friends!

  • I love updates, and this one is fabulous, Jann! Thank you for encouraging Debora and best of luck to her on her new career. Won’t it be fun to see her label in stores?!

    • Jann

      So glad you liked this post, Debbie. Thanks for your enthusiasm! I’m so happy to promote a bright Sicilian star like Debora. It’s so hard for young people on the island to find work, much less follow their passion–especially young women.

  • Sublime Jann. Such beautiful light…. inside and out 😉 xx

    • Jann

      Ciao Janine–thanks so much for your comment. Sweet. Hope all is going great for you up in Umbria.

  • cemal karahan

    The second part was by far the most wonderful…..Deborah is sure to find her way and it seems that your attitude towards her will be so helpful for her in her career..! The second bravo goes to you Jann…!

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann, Looks like Debora is on her way as a fashion designer, seems
    to have the talent and the bella figura. I wish her the world and like
    they say in Italy, “Brava Debora”, go for your dreams.

    • Jann

      She’ll so appreciate your comment, John, and is sure to be motivated by it. Grazie mille!!!!

    • Jann

      Love that word, Stef–thanks so much for dropping by! (For folks who don’t speak Sicilian–“bedda” means “bella”).

  • Great photo show. The little flowered dress — are the back strips elastic? Trying to figure out how to get it on/off. Pretty stuff. She is quite talented.

    • Jann

      Yes, Rosann–elastic. I do love this dress, but I shudder to think what it would look like on me….:(

  • Sam

    hubba hubba!!! (Part 2) If I lived on your street, I’d be hanging out the window for an ogle too!

  • What a beautiful girl.

    • Jann

      She’ll love your comment, Debra—grazie! What I love about her, though, is that she’s so modest.

  • good for her! Great post.

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