Flower Man, a Forever Friend

May 9, 2013

I hope to see him again. I have something to say.

Sicilian Man with FLowers, copyright Jann Huizenga

He is an old friend, though I never learned his name.

He was stepping into his green door when I asked for a photo. “Of Β me???” he said. “Me?”

Suddenly he was foisting theΒ freesias on me. “No! no!” I yelped, backing up, hands high.

But it’s impossible to refuse a Sicilian Random Act of Kindness.

Sicilian Man with Flowers, copyright Jann Huizenga

I will tell him how he filled my heart that morning.

Flowers, copyright Jann Huizenga


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41 comments to Flower Man, a Forever Friend

  • Such beautiful flowers!! <3

  • A beautiful moment Jann. Gestures, small acts of kindness…. the stuff of life in Italy I am finding. I love this post! xx

    • Jann

      Yes, the small stuff in Italy is so lovely. And it turns out the small stuff is really HUGE!

  • you are gone and i am alone again. i smell the flowers you left in the blue crystal vase…

    they bring you back to me again

    Β© Dennis Berry Benevento 1997

  • Sicilians are amazing. Last summer as were were leaving Agrigento, we pulled into a small shopping area. I went to ask for directions as the GPS was not doing so well. While I got directions, a young girl pulled out and backed into my rental. Ouch. There was a rapid fire dialog which pushed my Italian to the limit. The damage was not serious, but would require some attention to the bumper. The young woman’s aunt was in the car, and wanted us to follow her to where he husband was. Not sure of what was happening, but being comfortable nothing bad was going to happen we followed here for about 2 km and found her husband had a body shop. He jumped on it and compounded the bumper making it better than new! Happy ending for all.

    • Jann

      Greg, I just love stories like yours. Thanks for sharing it. There’s a surprise around every corner in Sicily, and I’m glad yours ended so well!

  • vicki carol

    With that simple gesture, he told so much about himself. He is a man who makes
    quick decisions, he acts on his emotions and he is more interested in making
    others happy than himself. I wonder if he was taking the sweet bouquet into
    his own home or if he was taking them to other lady; a very likeable Sicilian.

    • Jann

      Vicki, I love your analysis. I was wondering the same thing about what he had initially intended to do with the flowers, and I sure hoped he wasn’t planning to give them to another woman (wife)? Who knows.

  • Lovely, in so many ways. The gesture, the sentiment, the colours are all heart-warming.Love that last photo–a perfect way to keep the bouquet.

  • Jann, yet another captivating Sicilian character! How wonderful it must be to meet men like him who want to bequeath you with flowers! I yearn to live in such a place where a smile and a request for a photograph will result in such rewards! Love that last shot! Love it! πŸ™‚

    • Jann

      The medieval code of chivalry is still alive in Sicily! Love to you Bella, and I hope your knee is improving??

  • I’m sure you’ll meet again at just the right moment. Such a little thing yet so beautifully done, a true gentleman x

    • Jann

      I’ll be looking for him, Lisa! How’s the renovation going?????? I can’t believe you still have time to read blogs! xxxxxxxx baci

  • How lovely to be given such pretty flowers. It would have made my day too.

  • Anitre

    One act of kindness shared between two strangers. How lovely. I hope you two meet again. Gorgeous flowers! Brava, Jann.

  • Ditto to what Inner Chick said!

  • Sam

    And his heart may have been filled in equal measure by your interest in him.

  • Oh, a man bearing flowers … is there anything better? Wonderful vignette, Jann. PS. Freesias are the best!!

  • Ahhhh, my heart just filled up.

    Thank you for a most lovely story.

    It made me smile all over.

    Xxxxxx KISsssss

  • Lovely…I dream of going back to Sicily. Love your blog.

  • Rich Losacano

    Once I admired this family that had a wonderful ‘pollo alla braca’ place. So, I brought in some cherries from a tree where I was staying. I, literally, couldn’t return for quite awhile because they wouldn’t let me pay for my chicken.

    • Jann

      πŸ™‚ Rich, this is so funny. You became their “friend” and once you’re a friend in Sicily, you can’t pay anymore!

  • cemal karahan

    A gentleman is rather than does…! I encountered this sentence in a book 30 years ago and thought for a while to understand the meaning. This kind man is a real gentleman but who cannot be seeing a woman like you , dear Jann…..?

    • Jann

      Cemal, you’re always the gentleman, too! Showering women with compliments. Of course we love that!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Ooooh..I absolutely love the scent of freesias! I hope you see him again soon.

  • mel

    How sweet!! After being there in April, I recognize that love for beauty Sicilians hold dear and a certain eagerness to share it with others. One of my favorite places in memory, and I can’t wait to go back. Thanks for your amazing blog!

    • Jann

      Hi Mel, thanks so much for your insightful comment re beauty & sharing. Hope you get back soon, and thanks for your kind comment, too!

  • Jann, those flowers are gorgeous, and what a friendly, generous move giving them to you! How lucky you are to have gotten TWO lovely gifts in one morning — his photo and the freesias!!

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