A Pair of Painters, Sicily

August 14, 2013

The hungry Sicilian sun gnaws at my doors, chewing them to pieces.

Green door in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga


Who do I call?

My pair of painters: Graziano and Giovanni.  (Not only do they paint, they correct my pronunciation! Thanks guys!)

A pair of housepainters in Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Sicily is a group society. People stick like glue.

Plumbers work in pairs.

Police work in pairs.

Painters work in pairs.

Of course no one in Sicily is working NOW: it’s August! 

Are you working now, dear Reader, or lolling on some beach like a Sicilian?


PS Happy Ferragosto!


33 comments to A Pair of Painters, Sicily

  • We’ve actually had our coolest summer in years. A first with no 3-digit temperatures thus far. It’s been wonderful. Hard to stay in the pool in the evenings (too cool) but wonderful for cuddling in the rockers on front porch!

  • Anitre

    I’m on the beach.The sea is as warm as bath water. Attending the festa of San Salvatore tonight in Militello val di Catania. Tomorrow, we’re heading to Bronte and Cesaro in the Nebrodi Mountains. Bella Sicilia!

    • Jann

      How was the festa, Anitre? Pretty rowdy? Hope you ate some good pistachio gelato in Bronte! Buona vacanza!! xxx

  • Jann, I think I was a Sicilian in another life! ha! As you know, I am lolling on a beach, Sicilian-style, thank you very much! Although truth be told, I would be just as happy sitting across from your house looking at your lovely green door! hee hee! Can you imagine us sitting in the shade drinking a glass of delicious Spanish wine? Only one condition: you bring the bruschetta! ha! 🙂

    • Jann

      Love that bruschetta and I’m a pro at fixing it! You bring the Spanish wine, and a few slices of manchego, please!

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann, I’m having a jealous attack with all the travel talk to Sicily, Buona Vacanza to everyone, wish it was me.

  • lucy

    I’m working! Your posts make happy! Thanks for Sharing!

  • vicki carol

    A vacation, oh my, it would be so nice to be on a beach anywhere. I can only blame myself for not doing it. But I plan on going to the neighbors pool tomorrow, does that count?

    • Jann

      Vicki–I would say YES, a neighbor’s pool counts as a mini-vacation! And the advantage is no gritty sand in your suit. Have fun…

  • Rachel

    Working hard, looking forward to my Sicily vacation next month too!

  • I am working here in S CA + interior design + love what I do. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    • Jann

      Peggy, you are one of the lucky few who love their job. Brava!!! I’m heading to your website now to see what’s new. Thanks so much for your comments. xxxx

    • Jann

      Peggy, your portfolio is so gorgeous. I want to move into all of those spaces! The couch with the trompe l’oeil (project 4) behind it is stunning!!! A little slice of Italy.

  • Yes, soon will be rewarded with vacation….back to beautiful Sicily in 4 days!!!
    Can’t wait.

  • OH yes you know us always working and yep even in pairs lol x
    sending love and your painters will be welcome at our house any time x

  • Susan

    It’s winter here in Australia but I’m looking forward so much to returning to Sicily in September!!

  • Ahhhhhh,
    to be a Sicilian.
    H E A V E N L Y!

    XxxxxxOOOOOO LOVE.

    • Jann

      🙂 You’ve got Sicilian blood in your veins, no, Kim?? Now you just need to learn to take long Sicilian vacations and 4-hour lunches. xxxx

  • Liz

    Now I know why I get nothing done by myself…it is my ‘Sicilian blood’. I’m making excuses…No… I need a work partner to help me clean this house! As Debbie commented, there is more comfort when working in pairs. Soooo, I am lazing around until this hot summer August has passed. Too hot to go outside, todays high 100 degrees. uggghhhhh….can’t wait to be in Sicily in 2 months! And my house, it too needs fresh paint. I think the old paint melted off:)

    • Jann

      100 degrees, with high humidity too? All I can do in that kind of weather is lie in bed with a fan pointing at me.

      So glad you’re going back to Sicily, Liz!

  • Jill Iacopelli

    In 3 weeks I will be strolling on a beach in Sicily!! Cannot wait!!!

  • Nancy

    Wish I was lolling on a Beach IN Sicily.

  • Lots of comfort in working as a pair, Jann. Yes, despite it being August, I’m busy with work (Web Design and writing seem to know no holidays, ha!) But I’m beginning to see signs I need a little break, and I know I’ll have to take one soon!

    • Jann

      Don’t forget now, Debbie. (I notice Americans sometimes “forget” to take a vacation, whereas Italians LIVE for their annual break.)

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