A Corner in Rome

March 25, 2014

Early one morning I hid in some lush old ivy near a decaying corner in Trastevere, one of my favorite places to shoot.  For 15 minutes I shot Romans and tourists coming and going. Then I had a little fun with the Posterize effect in Photoshop.

What’s your favorite place to photograph in Italy or elsewhere? Do you use Photoshop (or something similar)? What are your favorite “effects”?







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22 comments to A Corner in Rome

  • Jan. yours is one of my favorite sites. Thank you for your hard work. i am wondering what has happened to so many other blogs that have just disappeared. I know it takes work, but some really good one, including podcasts seem to fall of the edge of the earth. Whats your take on this? ( 28 days to Sicily!)

    • Jann

      Hi Greg, thank you for those sweet words. Well, you raise a really interesting question… As you know from your own beautiful site, blogs are fairly high maintenance. So, I don’t know…People get busy? Get other interests? Run out of steam? There seems to be more of an economic cost these days, too, to maintain a site–more costly security measures and so on. And if a blog gets hacked w/ no backup, I imagine it could kill the blog. (The technical side of blogging can get pretty frustrating sometimes, don’t you think?) BUON VIAGGIO & HAVE A WONDERFUL TRIP!!!!

  • Well, if I was in Italy, I think just about anywhere would be a favourite place to take pictures. But I did love the sights of Calabria, especially Tropea where we stayed. I am devoted to Photoshop. I like to attempt what I call a “faux-Orton” effect on most of my pictures to give more glow and drama to a scene. (secret formula: duplicate image, apply 20% Gaussian blur, use Overlay or Soft Light blending mode).

    • Jann

      Ah, Lynne–thanks for your secret formula. I’ve never even heard of this effect, but can’t wait to try!

  • My Inner Chick

    Is everybody gorgeous in Italy or what?!

    Love the photos. I would have enjoyed sitting w/ you while you took photographs & drank wine!!


    • Jann

      I guess Italy is such a gorgeous backdrop that everyone appears beautiful! Especially after drinking wine. I’ll be waiting for you at the wine bar, Kim. xxxxx

  • O Jann! How I’d love to hide out over coffee with you and snap our unsuspecting passers-by. Love the posterize effect. What else have you been playing with I wonder……. I have become a big instagramer of late (for work reasons) and so I spend far too long selecting the right filter to use. I only wish I was in Italy and could instagram all day long from there, preferably while sipping coffee and nibbling brioche 😉 xxx

    • Jann

      Janine, we’d have so much fun on a photo shoot. I think we’d aim at lots of crumbling walls. And frequently stop to nibble. You could teach me instagram (still don’t have a smart phone, tho!).

  • Sam

    I’m not speaking from personal experience, mind you, but it kind of looks like a hallucinogenic day in Trastevere.

  • I love the photos technique you used here. wonderful. Trastevere is a great spot in Roma. Being an amateur, I only tend to play with the Picasa editing programme and recently used focal black and white on my post,”Travel Theme- Pink” highlighting the pinkness in the robes of the monks at Myanmar.

    • Jann

      Francesca, I’ve heard lots of people say they like Picasa for editing. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • I’m pretty much SOTC! I do love ocean scenes and fiery sunsets!

  • Anitre

    Cool photos, Jann! Do you wear camouflage?
    It’s been a while, but I used to love snapping photos with B&W or Kodachrome film. Ventimiglia, Nice and the Côte d’Azur were my favourite places to photograph for over a decade. The quality of the light and colour in all 4 seasons is amazing. Photoshop isn’t required.

    • Jann

      Anitre, you make me very nostalgic for those days of real film. I loved it too, though it was so expensive to develop. And you didn’t dare experiment quite as much for that reason. xxx

  • You KNOW I’m going to comment on photos of Rome! Loved them, Jann. Trastevere is definitely a special place to observe/record moments. I like anything around the river area to shoot, but I’ll take most everything. I love Italians framed by the older areas’ architecture. I prefer natural lighting and no effects. Probably because I’m not as good as enhancement as you are!

    • Jann

      Hi Rosann–can’t wait till you get back to Rome so I can see more of your shots! Yes, I think effects can get tiresome, though they’re sometimes fun to play around with. Re natural lighting–it’s often amazing in Rome, isn’t it? The evening golden hour is really really GOLD.

  • What fun! From the looks of these people, you’re having MUCH warmer weather than we are in the Heartland — we woke up to a dusting of snow! That said, I prefer taking photos on warm days (kinda hard to manage a camera with mittens on, ha!)

    • Jann

      Ha, you’re so right, Debbie. On cold weather days I have no incentive to get out. I try to force myself out on rainy days because the reflections are so lovely then, and who doesn’t like people with umbrellas…

  • Jane

    I spent 5 weeks in Trastevere and agree it is a special place to hide out and try to capture on film/digital or otherwise …and I think I got my best shots there in Trastevere. Ahhh Piazza San Cosimato, right adjacent to market. Ahhhhhh…ROMA. Great blend of old, new and in-between.

    • Jann

      Ah, yes, I used to walk through that market on San Cosimato early every morning, Jane. I bet you know Trastevere well after 5 weeks there. It’s small enough so that you can get really intimate with it.

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