Summer’s End

September 9, 2014

Cari amici, where’ve you been??? I’ve missed you.

And I miss aromatic streets where sheets billow out like sails. People with olive-black eyes. Sun crawling over the cupola. Loud-mouthed merchants and tiny old ladies. Chaos at the post office.  Jasmine growing wild.

I’ll be back in Sicily before too long I hope, but till then, here are a few more things I miss.


Sicilian Friends

copyright Jann Huizenga

lion fountain

bella figura

attenti al cane wall

Hope you had a wonderful August, Dear Reader, and thanks for stopping by.


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42 comments to Summer’s End

  • Jann, I’m finally back from Spain and I have to say that I’ve missed your beautiful captures! Are you stateside now? When will you return to Sicily? Hugs from Roxy and me! 🙂

  • Jann, like many others I’ve missed your beautiful photos of Sicily. I hope you’ve had a wonderful trip back to the States and that you’ll soon be delighting us again with more of your sensational Sicilian snaps!

  • Glorious every one, love the girl with the bella figura, the walls, the touch of both sun and skin, you capture it all so beautifully xx

  • ——–OHHHH,
    So, all Italians are touchy Feely?! I Likie. I Likie!
    And that figure. DAMN HER!
    I’ve missed you terribly! xxxx KISS and HUGS from MN.

  • Maria DeAngelis

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Sicily. Toured the Baroque cities with my cousins. Missing it already.

  • vicki carol

    You were missed. Welcome back. There are times we just have to break.

  • When I was typing in your URL just now I thought, “I think she’s going to be there today” and you are. Hurrah! Happy to see your post, dear Jann xx

  • Cathy

    Well Jann, its amazing… your ears must have been burning! My friend and I were out yesterday and she was talking about pictures of clotheslines in Newfoundland; which led me to talk about YOUR clothesline posting some time ago and how much I enjoyed it. And I said I haven’t an email in some time and thought perhaps it was the fault of my old Dino-puter or perhaps the server being wicked as it is at times and not sending me your blog 🙁 Then lo & behold, there you are!! 🙂 So happy to see you back again, and know that you’ve been missed!

    • Jann

      Cathy, you’re a dear. Nope, it wasn’t the fault of your Dino-puter or anything like that–more like I’ve been overcome with something akin to sheer laziness. 🙂

  • We have missed you too Jann. Dov’e’ sei? Bellissimo post.

    • Jann

      Ciao Francesca–at the moment I am rediscovering my family roots in a tiny town in Illinois (on the Mississippi River), and I hope to be back in Sicily soon. xx

  • jan walcott

    Was wondering why the lack of posts, glad you will soon be back writing and snapping those gorgeous photos!!!

    • Jann

      Jan, thanks for giving a little nudge to get back at the blog. Somehow I got off track, out of the habit, preoccupied with other stuff…you know how life is. xxx

  • Toni

    I missed your Sicily posts! Glad you will be back soon to share more beautiful photos

  • Love your posts!! They are always so uplifting and Sicily is one of my favorite places!! Enjoy southern Italy it is outstanding!!

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann, I hope you realize the confusion you left, we miss your blog so much, those little notes of joy, and of course your photo’s that spell it all. Jann you created a beautiful world for us with memories attached. Thank you so much for you and coming back to us.

  • Ooooo, I want those cups! I must have them because I know my Italian roast coffee will taste so much better!! What type coffee is Illy? Is it available? I have so missed your pictures and words – so glad to see you back!! Don’t leave me again, ok? I’m needy (smile).

    • Jann

      Aw, shucks, Nan. You’re so sweet. Illy is a brand of coffee that’s used by coffee bars all over Italy and you can also buy it in the grocery stores in Italy. It comes in very chic tin cans…I haven’t seen it in the US, but it must be available on the internet??? It’s very robust & dark.

  • Emalene

    Love your post, brings back such wonderful memories of Sicily.
    I yearn to go back. Going to Southern Lazio and Avellino, for 2.5 weeks
    in October will be staying in the area where my parents were born.
    Since they both passed in the past few years I had the urge to revisit my routes.

    • Jann

      Emalene–that’s exactly what I’m doing now–revisiting my dad’s roots on the Mississippi River. So I’m a little far mentally and physically from Sicily at the moment, but hope to get myself back into the Sicilian swing of things soon. Big hug to you both. xxx

  • Ah, Jann, I’ve been wondering where you were and missing your posts — hope you had an enjoyable break. It sounds as if you’ll be glad to get back, though, and why not? What interesting people and things you always capture! How *does* that lovely young woman walk in those stilettos!??

  • You invoke such a sense of place. I yearn.

  • Anitre

    Wonderful reminders! I keep watching reruns of Inspector Montalbano now that we’re back in London.

    • Jann

      Anitre–I hope you had a great August in Sicily. Sorry to miss you. Yes, good ole’ Montalbano brings you right back to those shores, doesn’t he?

  • Oh my, i just look so forward to your posts, how long until you’ll be back?

  • ria

    I love the colors on the Caltagirone cups….they make it feel like summer all year around.

  • dennis

    It’s Alive!!!!!

  • I’ve been missing you. Now, I do realize how important is the bella figura, but how in the world do they wear those shoes on the hobblestones (oh, excuse me — cobblesones)? I will be back in Rome next month. I have decided there will never, ever, ever be a 2 year space between visits. That is just ridiculous. LOL

    • Jann

      I’m so glad you’re headed back to Rome, Rosann. And I think you’ve picked the best month of the year to go. Will you be based in Trastevere again?

  • and iwas imagining you were in the Eolies

    • Jann

      🙂 Charmain, unfortunately, no–though I had visions of never leaving those isles. Hope to get back there in October maybe. xxxxlove to youxxxx

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