Festival Crowd, Sicily: Part 1

June 1, 2015

We just concluded our festa honoring the town’s patron, San Giorgio, who pranced around on his horse for 3 days amid much fanfare–rocket booms day and night, fireworks, tears, hollering, confetti, mobs, twinkle lights, tubas, drum beats. Tourists thought we were under attack and pigeons had heart attacks. As my Sicilian neighbor said, “It’s all a little exaggerated.”

I’ve written about the festival itself here, so now I’ll show you some shots from the crowd.

 San Giorgio Festa in Ragusa, Sicily, Copyright Jann Huizenga

“I used to carry San Giorgio on my shoulders, but now I’m too old,” he said

Balloon vendor, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Balloon vendor: she made kids smile.

Sicilian couple, copyright Jann Huizenga

She has him and she wants to talk to someone else?

Band members, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

These poor guys deserved a break; they trudged up and down hills following San Giorgio for three days.

Padre & Figlio, copyright Jann Huizenga

Padre & figlio.

Padre & Figlio, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

Padre & figlio.

Sicilian Festival, copyright Jann Huizenga

All waited with bated breath for San Giorgio’s final exit and stroll.

Watching a Festival, Sicily, copyright Jann Huizenga

They had the absolute best view in the house.


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22 comments to Festival Crowd, Sicily: Part 1

  • She’s probably talking to the saxophone guy! But you’re right – her guy is gorgeous! I love all the beautiful, well made suits on the men – I ADORE a well-made men’s suit on a guy. It makes them all look so delish, no matter what age. I love love love your pictures.

    • Jann

      🙂 Yes! I like how you think, Nan (about who she’s talking to). I agree with you about the suits.

  • Anitre

    What great photos of the event. Were there any special food treats made for the occasion as well? Brava , Jann!

    • Jann

      Ciao cara, yes of course there is a special food! Stupidly, I ate mine before photographing them, but they’re little rock-hard candies made of sugar, nuts and maybe flour. And of course they have a name, starting with “a.” Anyway, they’re made just for San Giorgio festa, and if you don’t watch out you’ll either break a tooth or eat them till you feel ill. xxxx

  • So many festas, so little time.

    • Jann

      Well, that’s for sure, Chloe–I can barely make it to all the feste in my own town, let alone other towns. They come fast and thick. And if there’s no official festa going on, there are parties, weddings, barbecues, picnics–these people know how to live.

  • Maria

    I was in San Pier Niceto for the San Rocco festa a couple years ago. I will remember it always. My heart is on that beautiful
    Island. Your pictures take me back. Thank you so much for capturing all of this.

    • Jann

      Ciao Maria–thanks for your comment. Now I’m going to look up San Pier Niceto on the map. xxx

  • Jann, Such beautiful portraits. Love the second ‘Padre e Figlio’ shot especially. Love it!

    • Jann

      Ciao Francesca, the man said I could photograph them, but then he shyly hid behind his child. Very cute.

  • Italians are beautiful people.
    So glad I’m Italian!! LOLLLL.
    Fabulous photos.
    Such European class. xxxxxx LUV to you, JANN.

  • She should put that phone down immediately.

  • John Schinina

    Ciao Jann, as always your the best, Ragusa Ibla a treasure on that beautiful Island, Sicily, thank you for embracing it with your wonderful blog.

  • Sam

    That happy baloon vendor is the one I would choose to “give a lift” to my festa.

  • Bonnie

    Thanks for sharing your festa. I always have a soft heart for the musicians. Great shot of those two.

    • Jann

      Ciao Bonnie, yes the musicians at these festas are always the unsung heroes, trudging behind the saint and playing their hearts out.

  • Ah, Jann, I so love your people shots!! They really showcase a festival, and I enjoy seeing how family traits come out in the young ones. The guy with the girl on the phone has gorgeous eyes, and the guy on the right with the saxophone is movie star handsome! Nice scenery you’ve got there!!

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