Cooking with Giovanna


Giovanna Giglio’s cooking is filled with love.

Roberta Corradin, one of Italy’s leading food and cookbook writers, told Giovanna that her amore-infused cooking was something she should share and teach. Giovanna shyly agreed to start the adventure. Now she cooks her bright & luscious recipes with you in Roberta’s rustic country home in Chiaramonte Gulfi in Southeast Sicily.

What a team they are!!! (They’ve even been featured in Saveur.) Theirs is not a cooking school at all, for what Giovanna and Roberta want to do is to share the real experience of cooking Giovanna’s traditional recipes in a real kitchen.

Cooking in Sicily is something to savor!

Tennerumi time! Giovanna explains the mysteries of a Sicilian summertime delicacy: the tender shoots of a giant green squash.

Snack time! Because you must pause to graze on scaccia while cooking…

The men excel at axing onions for tonnina con la cipudduzza (tuna with onions)

Onions slow-cooked in the world-famous Chiaramonte olive oil, sharp and grassy-green

Roberta in her Chiaramonte kitchen

Just because you’re in Sicily: Siesta time in a sea of carobs and olives…

A tavola! Primo piatto: Homemade cavatti pasta alla Norma

Roberta and Giovanna will customize the menu for your taste and budget. You can decide exactly how hands-on you want to be: Will you knead the home-made pasta yourself? Or succumb to the hammock while it is being done? Your happiness is their concern.

If you are interested in a culinary tour, Roberta can introduce you to Sicily’s iconic artisans: ricotta makers, sausage makers, vintners, and oil producers.

Visit a sausage maker (Chiaramonte is famous for its fennel-spiced sausage)

Watch how ricotta–Sicily’s comfort food–is made and sample a warm bowlful!

Cooking with Giovanna and Roberta feels like spending a day with old, new friends. The mix of great company, amazing scenery and warm Italian passion for traditional cooking really was the highlight of our stay in Sicily!   Anne Nordskar, Norway

A day spent with this amazing team: the food writer Roberta and the great home cook Giovanna — the morning, gathering local specialities, the afternoon cooking. Along with delicious food – we found the experience to be everything we hoped for and more. Kathleen Johnson

The cooking class with Roberta and Giovanna was one of the best days we have spent in all our travels. The rapport was genuine, the setting relaxed and friendly and the food quest the best. A great day from every aspect. Sam Johnson

Drop me a line, and I will put you in touch with Roberta.

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